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How to Find a Co-Founder for Your Startup

Without a doubt, starting a company is a huge task, rarely ever possible to be achieved by a single person. Hence, the search for a partner begins – however, finding the right co-founder is just as difficult and important as any other of the boxes that you have to tick at the beginning of your … Continued

5 Reasons to Love Time & Material and Avoid The Fixed-Price Model

Does the fixed-price model seem less risky because you know the total cost of a project before its development? Actually, it just seems that way and it does not really benefit the investor. In a fixed-price model, all business and product decisions as well as the scope of work must be decided, declared and contracted before the … Continued

Why we love Node.js (and you should too!)

Most startups do face the decision which technology to use. As software development team we’re often asked to advise on this matter. And well, it always depends on the project. However, more often than not, we suggest Node.js as a good solution, and I’ll tell you why. Why Node.js might be the right choice for … Continued