7 Books Every Startup CTO Should Read

Putting technology infrastructure for a company together, selecting the proper tools and outlining the technical strategy, while also having skills in marketing and project management – all of this is in the handbook of a modern CTO. A Chief Technology Officer is a top tech architect for a company or a startup, who manages the … Continued

5 Facts to Know About Node.js Development

While the proliferation of JavaScript is growing, there has also been a demand for the server-side programming capability among developers for some time. With a callback concept and being event-driven, Node.js made a considerable step in that direction. That’s why we love Node.js and use it along with other JS frameworks and tools to create … Continued

The Difference Between React.js, React Native and React VR

Do you know what JavaScript and Facebook have in common? Something called React, a JavaScript library, developed and introduced by Facebook, which is now one of the most widely used JS tools. What do web applications, mobile apps and virtual reality apps have in common? Right, React again it is. With various React versions we … Continued

Top 10 Tools for JavaScript Development

JavaScript holds a firm ground today as one of the most popular programming languages. It is also highly dynamic, constantly evolving and expanding with more and more tools (about 0.5 million packages in public access as of October 2017). It seems that no matter what frameworks and libraries JavaScript developers use, the trend is always … Continued

11 Books to Read for Startup Founders and Entrepreneurs

Whether you are a startup founder or entrepreneur – or just rub your shoulders with such people and want to become like them – you should definitely spark your knowledge by reading some books. ‘Which books to read?’ – you are asking yourself. In an era where entrepreneur books are a super-popular and super-hyped thing … Continued

10 Famous Apps Built with React Native

In the world of mobile app developments, we’re always looking for swift development cycles, faster time to deployment, and greater app performance. With two operating systems dominating the landscape, enterprises creating mobile apps often face a compromise: apps that give a better user experience, or apps that are faster to develop and run on more … Continued

Why You Should Outsource Software Development

Why I should outsource software development? This is a question that I’ve been asked lately by one of our potential clients. The first quick thought of mine was, you should outsource a project anytime you don’t feel to be an expert at something and/or you don’t have enough time to solve the related problem. Outsourcing … Continued

How to Build an App as a Non-Technical Person

Building an app as a non-technical person is quite hard, right? The first thing you’ve probably done as a non-technical founder for your ‘revolutionary’ idea to ‘disrupt’ the market was… look for a CTO or a technical founder. Am I correct? This is the wrong way to start…. The reason why, is that in most … Continued

7 Famous Desktop Apps Using Electron

We are all victims of a revolution where building apps and websites becomes easier every single day. Electron Intro is definitely a part of this revolution. and in case you still don’t know what is Electron and which apps are using it…. What is Electron? Electron is a framework for creating native applications with all the … Continued