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Matt Warcholinski

8 Best Toptal Alternatives for Hiring Developers [2020]

Toptal is the most popular solution for finding and hiring freelance software developers. It isn’t the recommended solution for everyone, though. Why? There are two main reasons: Toptal is expensive. Toptal is skewed towards enterprises. We researched, tested and summarized 8 Toptal alternatives that should be a better fit for your business. What’s Toptal? To… read more

How to Choose the Right Mobile Apps Company

Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. That’s why mobile applications are definitely worth investing in, as they can contribute to the promotion of the brand. How can you choose a mobile apps company, and what should you know in order to make a conscious decision? Why shouldn’t you give up mobile? Since… read more

Where to Find a Reputable Software Development Partner

Currently, there is a massive selection of software development houses and IT companies creating web and mobile applications on the market. Each of these companies is actively looking for customers, presenting various creative offers and extending portfolios. Still, in this abundance, many business people have difficulty finding and choosing a reliable company with whom to… read more

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