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Matt Warcholinski

How to Build a Great Company Culture Remotely

Building a great company culture today has become a bit more difficult. With the rise of freelancing, digital nomads, and outsourcing the game is changing dramatically. At the forefront of those changes are tech companies. They are becoming truly global and organizations are becoming more and more decentralized. The same young people want to have… read more

Do Software Developers Need College Degrees?

In today’s world where new technology affects our lives more and more, all known paradigms are evolving and accents are shifting, anything can come under scrutiny. In the software development industry, as a driver of change, one of debates that have been going on in recent years is the importance of college degrees for programmers…. read more

How to Find the Right Outsourcing Company?

As you may know, there are some serious reasons for outsourcing, especially software development and tech-based services in general. It can have a great impact on your startup – as you benefit from cutting costs, through improving efficiency and competitive strategy, to focusing on growth and core competencies. How can I find the right outsourcing… read more

What Should a Fresh CTO Do?

In fact, there’s no clearly defined role of CTO (Chief Technology Officer), as the main objectives and responsibilities may vary in different startups. But… One thing is 100% true – a CTO is the key planner, key strategist and key communicator! These functions will be expanding day after day! What are your priorities? What tasks… read more

What is Crucial When Ensuring Quality Output From an Offshore Team?

High-quality input = Highest quality output = No surprises The most common mistake that we’ve noticed on the market is the expectation of having high-quality output without great input. What I mean by high-quality input are: 1. Well prepared brief/specification – Clear vision/business goals of the project, timeline, budget range, features description, tech stack description/proposition,… read more

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