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5 React Training Courses for Beginners

If you are a web developer, or if you’re aspiring to become one, chances are that you have heard of React (also known as React.js or React JS). React is a JavaScript library that makes building user interfaces effortlessly simple. It was developed by Facebook, which maintains it along with a community of developers. Since… read more

How to Create an Effective Elevator Pitch

Elevator pitches, also known as elevator speeches are short overviews of a particular business or the services and products that are associated with that business. They are normally used in business settings, especially in face-to-face networking. Elevator tools are considered to be extremely simple but despite the simplicity, they are a very powerful tool for… read more

Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2019

We’d like to enrich and develop our recent post concerning Technology Trends for 2019, as this topic has been trending more and more recently. Let’s review the definition of a “strategic technology trend”. Gartner says that it is a trend with great potential to break out of the developing stage into a wider spectrum of… read more

How to Build a Simple Voice Bot in Alexa?

ChatBots and Voice Bots have become extremely common these days. They provide a simple mechanism to interact with customers without the need of Support Agents. In this blog post, we will understand how to create a simple Alexa based Voice Bot. Understanding how bots work Most bots today are based on the intent recognition models…. read more

5 Famous Progressive Web Apps

Web development has changed dramatically over the years. Long gone are the days of static web pages where every click caused a refresh. Over a decade ago, AJAX allowed websites to send and retrieve data from a server asynchronously, eliminating the need to reload the entire page to change content. Now, web app developers use… read more

The Quest for Better Web Accessibility

Web accessibility matters. Just ask Tim Berners-Lee—a professor of computer science at the University of Oxford and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the best known as the inventor of the web—who said that the power of the web is in its universality. Today, over half of the world’s population has internet access and millions more… read more

Power Gaps that Keep Leaders from Growth

Today I’d like to give you some insights on “power gaps” inspired by Kathy Caprino – a specialist on leadership and personal growth. She said that she observed thousands of professional leaders, both women and men building their careers and realizing that their dreams had not been achieved. They were far far away from their… read more

When Hybrid Mobile App Development Makes Sense

The number of mobile phone users is forecast to reach over 4.6 billion in 2019—no wonder that digital businesses have stopped asking themselves whether they should build a mobile app a long time ago. Now, they’re asking which mobile development approach they should take. Choosing the right mobile development approach is never easy. One has… read more

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