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Talent Development: How to Build an IT Dream Team

Every IT leader knows that skills in the IT sector and their requirements are growing and changing constantly. Many companies struggle to find the right individuals (with particular skill sets). Because of the growing trend we are experiencing, more and more IT leaders are focusing on upgrading the existing skills of their development teams! It… read more

Troubled IT Projects: When to Rescue & When to Abandon

In today’s highly competitive market, every business entity is striving to utilize the latest digital technologies and tools to gain an edge over the competition. In a quest to accelerate delivery and reduce costs, IT companies and software engineers undertake all kinds of initiatives. However, often instead of the anticipated transformation towards efficiency, many initiatives… read more

5 Tips to Run Effective Team Meetings

Are you sick and tired of meetings that are time-consuming and go nowhere? We guess that most of the leaders’ time is wasted on catching up and discussing “current issues”. It’s good to know some strategies to make the best out of every meeting! Benefits of agile team meetings Let’s be honest – meetings won’t… read more

Big Data: 10 Myths Debunked

Big data in the literal sense refers to the large volume of structured and unstructured data. Businesses deal with an abundance of data on a daily basis and the volume of data being created and stored is an ever-increasing phenomenon, which needs scrutiny and analysis. This is where the concept of big data analytics comes… read more

Why Should Your Team Be Customer Obsessed?

This is the age of the customer. The customer has the power and you have to embrace this idea to stay competitive. More companies have begun to move in the direction of a customer-centric strategy. Those that are unable to deliver such a high level of experience to clients will be sidestepped by businesses driven… read more

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