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Do Software Developers Need College Degrees?

In today’s world where new technology affects our lives more and more, all known paradigms are evolving and accents are shifting, anything can come under scrutiny. In the software development industry, as a driver of change, one of debates that have been going on in recent years is the importance of college degrees for programmers…. read more

ArangoDB Use Case

As a software development company, we very often work on complex applications that need to handle lots of data. Recently, on one of our projects, we’ve faced a challenge – We had a lot of data on many levels and we had to be able to operate directly on these documents. Do you want to… read more

Top Benefits of React Team Augmentation

Today, we will be looking at one of the most recent trends in the world of software development – staff augmentation for ReactJS development. Also known as “React team augmentation“, this process actually combines two aspects: a specific type of JavaScript development and an outsourcing strategy. This means the technique of staff augmentation is applied… read more

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