Marketing 101 for Developers and Product People

Marketing for developers so you get traction for your work… While getting back to writing code. “You should have an email newsletter… If you have nothing else.” That’s what Danielle Morrill, Founder of Mattermark had to say about marketing. And if you take nothing else away from this post – then you’ll do OK. But, … Continued

Scrum for Startups: A Quick Guide

Scrum is a kind of Agile project management methodology that focuses on execution, speed and pivots. If you’re plugged into the startup community, you’ve probably heard about the Lean method, Scrum teams and Agile. There’s a lot of noise out there and today, I want to cut through all of that and focus on something … Continued

Best Tools & Strategies For Software Project Management

Best Tools And Strategies for Successful Software Project Management Making great web and mobile apps requires effective software management strategies for your team. Choosing the right style of software project management can be especially challenging in a new startup where you do everything for the first time. It takes experience and time (that precious thing we, … Continued

5 Best Business Podcasts For Entrepreneurs

We’ve talked about 5 best technology podcasts before, but we’re not just about tech. We’re serial startupers and we love to help our customers grow their businesses. So we decided to share some of our resources. Here’s a list of top business podcasts to get inspired by. Whether you want to listen to successful entrepreneurs … Continued

11 Valuable Insights For Finding Your Technical Co-Founder

In my 15 years of experience founding startups, one of the biggest challenges was building the right team. Finding people who are not only qualified for the job but also ready to share your vision and commit to it can be really hard. So I’ve decided to share some of the insights I’ve gained over the years … Continued

How to prototype an app as non-designer?

When it comes to prototyping an app or building your first MVP, you might not know how to get the job done, especially as a non-designer or without a proper software to prototype an app. Prototyping isn’t so hard, especially if you follow best practices and toolset adjusted to your skills. You already know that you should … Continued

6 Reasons NOT to Build a Team Before Building a MVP

Many people procrastinate when starting their startup. One of the reasons why I didn’t start my first startup was looking for a team. I was focused on finding developers to help me build “an amazing iPhone app”, do you know this feeling? Thankfully, I changed my mind after starting the next 5 startups and I figured … Continued

12 Best Productivity Apps For Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur, I am constantly on the search for productivity apps that work best for me. Whether I’m using an iPhone, Android, Mac or PC – it’s always a challenge to gain more precious time to get things done. Do you sometimes feel that even after a 12h shift you are not doing enough for … Continued

Why we love Node.js (and you should too!)

Most startups do face the decision which technology to use. As software development team we’re often asked to advise on this matter. And well, it always depends on the project. However, more often than not, we suggest Node.js as a good solution, and I’ll tell you why. Why Node.js might be the right choice for … Continued

What is MVP / Minimum Viable Product?

Please raise your hand, if you’ve ever heard about minimum viable product (MVP) and have no clue what it is. When you talk to software development companies or startups itself, you will often hear about the MVP and Agile Methodologies. Mateusz WarcholinskiMateusz Warcholinski is the COO of Brainhub (a software house building awesome node.js web and mobile … Continued