11 Books to Read for Startup Founders and Entrepreneurs

Whether you are a startup founder or entrepreneur – or just rub your shoulders with such people and want to become like them – you should definitely spark your knowledge by reading some books. ‘Which books to read?’ – you are asking yourself. In an era where entrepreneur books are a super-popular and super-hyped thing … Continued

Top 12 Software Developer Humor Picks

There is this one old Chinese saying: “An angry developer is an unproductive developer.” How can you not trust an old Chinese, right?… That’s why at Brainhub we do our best to keep our office atmosphere positive and our engineers happy. But you know the drill, some incidents just make it harder than usual and … Continued

How to Build an App as a Non-Technical Person

Building an app as a non-technical person is quite hard, right? The first thing you’ve probably done as a non-technical founder for your ‘revolutionary’ idea to ‘disrupt’ the market was… look for a CTO or a technical founder. Am I correct? This is the wrong way to start…. The reason why, is that in most … Continued

Crowdfunding #3: How to Successfully Pitch Your Project

After deciding to crowdfund your project and choosing the right platform, comes the most important and difficult part of your campaign: making the right pitch. At this point I assume you have seen many pitches made by your competition and you are right to assume that they could make a great template for for learning … Continued

Venture Capital for Dummies

Venture Capital is a big amount of money, acting as a rocket fuel and shooting your company above to the stars. You dream of making it big? Your hopes start where the hopes of others end? Then our article about Venture Capital may be just right for you! What Is Venture Capital? To start your … Continued

Crowdfunding #2 : Which Platform to Choose and What to Expect?

So you decided to run a crowdfunding campaign? That’s great! You will soon learn that choosing this kind of financing for your development team will bring you many experiences that traditional financing systems lacks. What platform should you choose for crowdfunding? Let’s find out! Which Platform to Choose? Since crowdfunding became popular the number of … Continued

5 Ways to Get a Funding for Your Startup

“How to get more money” is the defining question of nearly everyone living under the the banner of capitalism. In the case of someone trying to establish a successful startup, this question becomes even bigger and more difficult to answer. So what are some good ways to get funding for your startup? The need for … Continued

Customer Acquisition Strategy for Startups. How to Start?

No matter what kind of startup are you planning to open, be it a company experimenting with a new technology or one trying to find a way of serving people better than the competition, sooner rather than later you will need to find a good customer acquisition strategy for your startup. In a market saturated … Continued

Marketing 101 for Developers and Product People

Marketing for developers so you get traction for your work… While getting back to writing code. “You should have an email newsletter… If you have nothing else.” That’s what Danielle Morrill, Founder of Mattermark had to say about marketing. And if you take nothing else away from this post – then you’ll do OK. But, … Continued