Crowdfunding #3: How to Successfully Pitch Your Project

After deciding to crowdfund your project and choosing the right platform, comes the most important and difficult part of your campaign: making the right pitch. At this point I assume you have seen many pitches made by your competition and you are right to assume that they could make a great template for for learning … Continued

Venture Capital for Dummies

Venture Capital is a big amount of money, acting as a rocket fuel and shooting your company above to the stars. You dream of making it big? Your hopes start where the hopes of others end? Then our article about Venture Capital may be just right for you! What Is Venture Capital? To start your … Continued

Crowdfunding #2 : Which Platform to Choose and What to Expect?

So you decided to run a crowdfunding campaign? That’s great! You will soon learn that choosing this kind of financing for your development team will bring you many experiences that traditional financing systems lacks. What platform should you choose for crowdfunding? Let’s find out! Which Platform to Choose? Since crowdfunding became popular the number of … Continued

5 Ways to Get a Funding for Your Startup

“How to get more money” is the defining question of nearly everyone living under the the banner of capitalism. In the case of someone trying to establish a successful startup, this question becomes even bigger and more difficult to answer. So what are some good ways to get funding for your startup? The need for … Continued

Customer Acquisition Strategy for Startups. How to Start?

No matter what kind of startup are you planning to open, be it a company experimenting with a new technology or one trying to find a way of serving people better than the competition, sooner rather than later you will need to find a good customer acquisition strategy for your startup. In a market saturated … Continued

Marketing 101 for Developers and Product People

Marketing for developers so you get traction for your work… While getting back to writing code. “You should have an email newsletter… If you have nothing else.” That’s what Danielle Morrill, Founder of Mattermark had to say about marketing. And if you take nothing else away from this post – then you’ll do OK. But, … Continued

Scrum for Startups: A Quick Guide

Scrum is a kind of Agile project management methodology that focuses on execution, speed and pivots. If you’re plugged into the startup community, you’ve probably heard about the Lean method, Scrum teams and Agile. There’s a lot of noise out there and today, I want to cut through all of that and focus on something … Continued

Best Tools & Strategies For Software Project Management

Best Tools And Strategies for Successful Software Project Management Making great web and mobile apps requires effective software management strategies for your team. Choosing the right style of software project management can be especially challenging in a new startup where you do everything for the first time. It takes experience and time (that precious thing we, … Continued

5 Best Business Podcasts For Entrepreneurs

We’ve talked about 5 best technology podcasts before, but we’re not just about tech. We’re serial startupers and we love to help our customers grow their businesses. So we decided to share some of our resources. Here’s a list of top business podcasts to get inspired by. Whether you want to listen to successful entrepreneurs … Continued