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How to Create an Effective Elevator Pitch

Elevator pitches, also known as elevator speeches are short overviews of a particular business or the services and products that are associated with that business. They are normally used in business settings, especially in face-to-face networking. Elevator tools are considered to be extremely simple but despite the simplicity, they are a very powerful tool for… read more

How to Validate Your Startup Idea

Coming up with an idea for a product or service is not the hardest thing for startups and entrepreneurs. Building a product isn’t even the hardest. Truly, the hardest part is “making it work”, or in other words, getting people to like and want to buy your product, and beating the competition at the same… read more

7 Books Every Startup CTO Should Read

Putting technology infrastructure for a company together, selecting the proper tools and outlining the technical strategy, while also having skills in marketing and project management – all of this is in the handbook of a modern CTO. A Chief Technology Officer is a top tech architect for a company or a startup, who manages the… read more

Top 12 Software Developer Humor Picks

There is this one old Chinese saying: “An angry developer is an unproductive developer.” How can you not trust an old Chinese, right?… That’s why at Brainhub we do our best to keep our office atmosphere positive and our software developers happy. But you know the drill, some incidents just make it harder than usual… read more

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