Almost every year, a disastrous game release gets loud enough to remind us that when it comes to managing game production, there’s still a lot to improve.

Fallout 76, Anthem, Cyberpunk 2077, and now the remastered GTA Trilogy are just some of the most recent examples of big studios releasing undercooked products and making the same mistakes over and over again. 

In its essence, building games is all about taming the chaos. There’s a constant flow of ideas to brainstorm, designs to accept, and deadlines to meet. In order to deal with all that you need a realistic roadmap, effective team, healthy work environment, and swift decision-makers. And that's only for starters.

Easier said than done, right? 
Not if we join forces.

Let's find the fun, not the crunch

Sometimes all it takes is a little cooperation.

That's why we created the ever-growing Practical Guide to Composing and Leading Game Development.

It collects useful tips on building a team, improving leadership skills, and matching the right project methodology to current game production needs. 

Here it is, free for every game producer and lead designer out there, not only to read and learn from but also to contribute to:

What’s special about this guide is that it’s a constant work in progress: we welcome contributors from the game industry to share their own experiences and insights. We'll be happy to include them in the guide so that other game dev teams can use them to improve their processes and work culture.

Sharing is caring, but we have a little something for everyone who agrees to contribute. You'll find more details inside the guide.

Until then – enjoy the read and keep making great games with great teams!

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