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Top European JS & Go Software Development Conferences in 2020 – Experts’ Picks

When you are an IT professional, you spend a lot of time on the internet – scrolling, reading, and looking for information on modern solutions and programming trends. So how do you feel about expanding your knowledge at conferences? If you enjoy attending professional events, you’ve got to read this article.

We have prepared a concise list of the most interesting software development conferences for JavaScript & Golang programmers that are taking place in Europe in 2020. That’s right… in Europe. Like every other modern developer, you are a citizen of the world – all you need to go to any interesting event in the EU is the ability to speak English (a basic skill for developers), have a valid ID, and snag a cheap flight. Why limit yourself? Give it a try!

10 software development conferences – why attend and when?

Of course, it is difficult to make it to all events, even these organized in the neighborhood, let alone around Europe. But to stay informed, it’s wise to choose at least one professional conference a year and plan a short trip.

Are you already convinced to attend a conference? If not, check out the values that software development conferences can provide:

  • Meet other specialists – a good opportunity to learn from well-known professionals and talk to cool people.
  • Expand horizons – conferences increase our general programming knowledge so that we can keep up with the trends.
  • Conferences in employment benefits – many software houses fund conferences for their employees* – it is worth taking advantage of this opportunity, especially if it costs you nothing. It is a great investment in your skills.

*At Brainhub, we share good practices and offer employees a budget to spend on education. A few months ago we even sponsored the largest JavaScript conference in Katowice, Poland: Meet.js Summit. Being able to share knowledge and encourage the development of others is very satisfying, we must admit.

  • Get inspired – to change the technology you currently use, to change jobs, to try your hand as a speaker – who knows what ideas you’ll come up with?
  • Stay on trend – software development conferences help you stay on top of current trends. Even if you don’t have time to attend them, you could at least check what topics will be presented to get a feel of what’s popular.
Here’s how to read our list 👇

The events are arranged in ascending order by the scheduled date. In the title, you will find the name, city, and date of the event. Below that there is information on the exact address, topics, ticket prices, and links to the event website where you can register.

1. “dotGo” – France (30 Mar)

Discover top JavaScript software development conferences in 2020.

Topic: Golang
Location: Théâtre de Paris, 15 Rue Blanche, 75009 Paris
Ticket price: 149 €
Ticketing site:

What you can expect:

Taking place in a beautiful theatre in Paris, this tech event is organized on the scale and quality of TEDx Talks, according to the dotGo team.

This conference is one of those software development conferences that is organized with panache, offering expert knowledge and bringing a sense of time well-spent.


The organizers will announce the first speakers soon. At the same time, they promise to invite only the best and brightest developers to dotGo.

2. “GenerateJS” – UK (2 Apr)

Discover top JavaScript software development conferences in 2020.

Topic: JavaScript
Location: a creative hub Rich Mix, 25-47 Bethnal Green Rd, Shoreditch, London E1 6LA
Ticket price: Early bird: £188 +VAT (until 31 Jan 2020)
Ticketing site:

What you can expect:

Generate CSS is a single-day software development conference with rich sessions devoted to CSS. You can explore the newest techniques, to-be-released specifications, layouts, or UI animations. Everything will be presented by specialists and experienced CSS designers who are on track with the latest tech.

  • inspirational talks by the greatest JS experts from the UK,
  • educational content: skills and insights presented,
  • being a part of a huge web design community,
  • networking and afterparty.


  • Remy Sharp, Founder of ffconf, Runner of jQuery for Designers,
  • Jeremy Keith, Web stuff do-er, Clearleft,
  • Phil Hawksworth, Principal Developer Experience Engineer, Netlify.

3. “React Summit 2020” – Netherlands (17 Apr)

Discover top JavaScript software development conferences in 2020.

Topic: React
Location: KROMHOUTHAL, Gedempt Hamerkanaal 231, Amsterdam, 1021 KP
Ticket price: the prices start at €530.00 for a Regular 1-day ticket
Ticketing site:

What you can expect:

  • it is promoted as “THE BIGGEST REACT CONFERENCE WORLDWIDE”, offering 2 tracks General and React Native,
  • over 25 speakers and +1500 react developers (front-end and full-stack engineers),
  • During React Summit 2020, special “React Open Source awards” will be presented to the most innovative projects of 2019 with emphasis on niche works of independent devs.

Additionally, there will be many workshops, meetups, and smaller conferences throughout the week of this event listed on our software development conferences list.


  • Kent C. Dodds, Trainer, USA,
  • Sara Vieira CodeSandbox, Germany,
  • Brandon Dail, Facebook, USA,
  • Anna Doubková, Hive, UK.

Do you know all the benefits of using React.js in creating a front-end? Brainiacs recommend you learn more about React by reading the article “Top 6 Reasons to Choose React for Frontend Development“.

4. “International Javascript Conference” – UK (20 Apr)

Discover top JavaScript software development conferences in 2020.

Topic: JavaScript
Location: London, the exact venue will be announced soon
Ticket price: prices start from £449 for the main conference day
Ticketing site:

What you can expect:

This software development conference is dedicated to the latest JS frameworks, like Angular, React, Node.js, or Vue.js, offering the “best practices in single-page applications to progressive web apps and serverless computing to blockchain development” and:

  • 3 days, over 40 sessions, keynotes and presentations,
  • workshops with livecoding,
  • over 40 internations speakers.


  • Sherry List, Microsoft,
  • Maximiliano Firtman, ITMaster Academy,
  • Ana Cidre, ngSpain,
  • Devlin Duldulao, inmeta.

5. “App.js Conf” – Poland (23 Apr)

Discover top JavaScript software development conferences in 2020.

Topic: JavaScript
Location: KIJÓW.CENTRUM, Krasińskiego 34, 30-101 Cracow, Poland
Ticket price: prices start at €185 +23% VAT for the Standard Conference Ticket
Ticketing site:

What you can expect:

This software development conference is the first Expo* and React event in Europe, according to information on the website.

*it is an open source toolchain; an extension to React Native facilitating software development, and release of native iOS and Android applications. It also provides some built-in solutions to common problems. Learn more at

  • over 15 talks, 500 devs, 4 workshops,
  • you can talk to the first dinosaurs that joined the React Native Team and learn from their experience,
  • meet the authors of some of the best libraries.


Although presentation speaker aren’t announced yet, the workshop topics and authors are already known:

  • Brent Vatne, “Getting Started With React Native”,
  • Evan Bacon, “Creating universal web apps with Expo and React Native for Web”,
  • William Candillon, “React Native Declarative Gestures and Animations”,
  • Staszek Chmiela, “React Native Performance”.

6. “ReactEurope” – France (14-15 May)

Discover top JavaScript software development conferences in 2020.

Topic: React
Location: Palace of Paris-Est Congress, 128 Rue de Paris, Montreuil, France
Ticket price: ticket “Round 1” (2 days) costs €449.00 (€89.80 VAT)
Ticketing site:

What you can expect:

This is one of the oldest software development conferences of the React community – it has been taking place since 2015. Topics such as: state management in JavaScript apps, writing native apps with React Native, remote data with GraphQL, CSS management and projects like: ReasonML, Native Web, React Primitive and Expo will be covered during ReactEurope.

  • 2-day conference with 2-day workshops,
  • over 1,500 attendees,
  • bar night,
  • lightning talks.


  • Devon Govett, Creator of Parceljs,
  • Shruti Kapoor, Software Engineer @PayPal,
  • Ives van Hoorne, Creator of @codesandbox,
  • Tim Neutkens, Co-author of Next.js.

7. “React Day Norway” – Norway (26 Jun)

Discover top JavaScript software development conferences in 2020.

Topic: React
Location: Farris Bad, Fritzøe Brygge 2, 3264 Larvik, Norway
Ticket price: Early bird ticket: €199.00 (+ €14.93 Fee & Tax)
Ticketing site:

What you can expect:

This will be a React-centric community event where you can meet over 250 attendees, listen to 10 experts talking about React, sensory data, serverless static apps, etc.

  • full-day conference,
  • talks from international renowned speakers,
  • evening program,
  • after party including a BBQ dinner.


  • Mohammed Abdullatif, Spotify, iOS Engineer,
  • Shahjada Talukdar, eBay, Senior Software Engineer,
  • Yuraima Estevez, The New York Times, Software Engineer,
  • Trent Willis, Netflix, Senior UI Engineer.

8. “JSCAMP 2020” – Spain (16-17 Jul)

Discover top JavaScript software development conferences in 2020.

Topic: JavaScript
Location: Fira de Barcelona, Palau de Congressos de Barcelona, Avinguda de la Reina Maria Cristina, 08004 Barcelona
Ticket price: the tickets will be on sale at a later date. Meanwhile, you can request a newsletter with updates and giveaways.
Ticketing site:

What can you expect:

  • over 500 attendees,
  • two-day, single track conference,
  • two-day workshops.

JSCamp – this international event on our software development conferences list, is said to be very technical and cover all the most modern technologies. The experts will share case studies and best practices together with insights from using various toolsets, and web frameworks from the whole web-stack.


  • Kyle Simpson, You Don’t Know Js,
  • Rich Harris, New York Times,
  • Jenn Creighton, The Wing,
  • Adam Argyle, Google.

9. “React Native EU” – Poland (5-6 Sep)

Discover top JavaScript software development conferences in 2020.

Topic: React Native
Location: Wroclaw Congress Center, Wroblewskiego 1, Wroclaw, 50-001
Ticket price: not given – follow the organizer for information about the ticket price of this software development conference
Ticketing site:

What you can expect:

React Native EU is called the “1st community conference in Europe” dedicated to React Native exclusively. You will learn about: cross-platform development, taking React to consoles, code sharing strategies, security and authentication, and many more.

  • 1-day conference, 1-day workshops,
  • international, experienced speakers/core contributors from well-known companies,
  • networking with React Native community.


  • Jared Palmer, The Palmer Group,
  • Jordan Brown, Facebook,
  • Orta Therox, Microsoft,
  • Pariss Chandler, G2i.

10. “React Live Conference” – Netherlands (13 Sep)

Discover top JavaScript software development conferences in 2020.

Topic: React
Location: Danzigerkade 5, 1013 AP Amsterdam
Ticket price: tickets are not available yet – follow their Twitter and stay tuned.
Ticketing site:

What you can expect:

This event on our software development conferences list, is made for and by React & React Native developers. You can learn how to implement the latest tools, and discover various techniques and principles. Everything will be presented live on the theatre stage. The experts will talk about the fresh releases as it comes to building with React, eg: state management, Hooks, CodeGen, Fabric, Design Pattern, 16+ updates and many more.

  • live-coding on a 500m2 screen,
  • 1,000 React and JavaScript developers,
  • happening at “the most impressive venue in Amsterdam”.


  • Kitze, founder of – Talk & Workshop: Advanced Patterns, React 16+ & React Hooks,
  • SID, Software Architect, Author of Shelf – Topic: What goes into building a Design System,
  • Yoav Niran, Software engineer at Cloudinary – Topic: Tune-up your React.js – Measure your application’s performance health, fixing performance and handle media at scale.


No matter if you are a junior, senior dev, or a CTO – sharpening your skills and learning about tech trends from experts will help you to be a better specialist. There is always plenty to discover. So are you ready for an event that will bring you and/or your team fresh ideas, inspiration, and practical knowledge?

Going to a European conference alone can be quite an adventure, but it is more fun to have a companion 🙂 Some conferences offer tickets for groups (min. 4 people). Share this post with your colleague or business partner and choose an event together – use Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin button or send this link via email.

At Brainhub we also have our list of conferences-to-attend in 2020 – so we can’t wait for the new year to begin. We wish you happy hunting for conference tickets and a productive year 2020!