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What is Crucial When Ensuring Quality Output From an Offshore Team?

High-quality input = Highest quality output = No surprises The most common mistake that we’ve noticed on the market is the expectation of having high-quality output without great input. What I mean by high-quality input are: 1. Well prepared brief/specification – Clear vision/business goals of the project, timeline, budget range, features description, tech stack description/proposition,… read more

How to Hire Top React Developers?

Hiring developers (especially React.js developers) has become insanely difficult over the last few years. Especially if you are living in countries like the USA, UK, Netherlands, Norway or Denmark, you’ve experienced how tough it is to hire talented and reliable React developers. As a leader who is growing/scaling a company, the most important skill that… read more

Top Benefits of React Team Augmentation

Today, we will be looking at one of the most recent trends in the world of software development – staff augmentation for ReactJS development. Also known as “React team augmentation“, this process actually combines two aspects: a specific type of JavaScript development and an outsourcing strategy. This means the technique of staff augmentation is applied… read more

How to Validate Your Startup Idea

Coming up with an idea for a product or service is not the hardest thing for startups and entrepreneurs. Building a product isn’t even the hardest. Truly, the hardest part is “making it work”, or in other words, getting people to like and want to buy your product, and beating the competition at the same… read more

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