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The Top 20 Electron Development Blog Posts of 2016

If you heard about Node.js then you probably heard about the Electron, which is a JavaScript framework to make a desktop app. It changed completely on how we approach a development of desktop applications. It’s extremely easy to use and if you are familiar with HTML, CSS and JS – you shouldn’t have any problem at all of creating a Mac, Windows or Linux app.

As you probably noticed 2016 is getting over now, therefore we decided to share with you the most popular resources over the internet about Electron Development. Below you can find a list of 20 most popular blog posts and videos about Electron Development (ranked by shares and pageviews).

For sure you will find yourself something valuable!

The top 20 Electron development blog posts of 2016

#1 JavaScript Conquered the Web. Now It’s Taking Over the Desktop

#2 Build a Music Streaming App with Electron, React & ES6

#3 Create Cross-Platform Desktop Node Apps with Electron

#4 What’s the Difference between Meteor and Electron?

#5 Electron: Desktop Apps with Web Languages – GitHub Universe 2016 [Video]

#6 Making Electron Development Simpler, More Pleasant, and More Productive – GitHub Universe 2016 [Video]

#7 Katrina Uychaco: Spinning up an Electron App – Desktop Apps in JavaScript – JSConf Iceland 2016 [Video]

#8 JavaScript Electronics on the Pi Zero – Async Brighton [Video]

#9 Building fully-functional Mac, PC, & Linux apps in Javascript, Pt. 1: Intro to Electron

#10 Building Electron Apps with React + Redux

#11 Ember & Electron for Desktop Apps

#12 Using Angular 2 with Electron

#13 How to store user data in Electron

#14 Bundle ES6 backend for Electron app with WebPack & obfuscation

#15 Using ES2015 with Electron — introducing electron-compile

#16 Building a cross-platform desktop app with Electron and Elm

#17 Electron Dev Tool

#18 Babylon.js Editor and Electron

#19 Waffle JS: Desktop Apps with Electron, React, & Observables

#20 NW.js & Electron Compared (2016 Edition)

Wrap up

That’s a recap of the 20 most popular resources about Electron development of 2016!

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