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Work Automation – Can It Really Help Your Business?

Both large and small companies would like to grow fast and increase their profits. To make that easier, they have set long-term goals. And setting goals is not a short, trivial process – it takes a good strategy to become a leader in the IT industry.

Did you know that in our modern world one company is born every 1 minute?

It’s time to embrace the concept of agile development teams and organizations, and set clear goals with an optimized work environment to gain success. Your business has to be in the most modern stage of development possible to outsmart the competition. In this article, we’ll talk about how you can optimize your business and automate some of the processes in your own company.

To implement work automation digitalize your processes.

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Let’s start with definitions of the key concepts from today’s post – Business Process Optimization and Business Process Management. In fact, the first concept is somehow included in the second one. To clarify:

  1. Business Process Management (BPM) is a methodology of constant re-evaluation and improvement.
  2. Business Process Optimization (BPO) is the FINAL step of BPM; it is an activity of modernizing your business processes to make them more effective and efficient. First, you have to measure your current efficiency, productivity and performance to begin the improvement phase and then measure the effects. This process can be described as a loop: MEASURE – IMPROVE – MEASURE

Of course, every approach toward optimization and automation would depend on the type of business you’re managing. There are many ways this can be done, however, in most cases, the following areas are common enough to optimize any business process.

Digitalize business processes

Move your organization to a higher level and stay visible in the digital business landscape.
Develop an approach that combines competencies and expertise together with buy-in from the executive leaders. Managing processes as a part of your enterprise should turn “a change” into “a continuous process.”

Improve culture

A lot of companies suffer because of a team member’s attitude toward innovation and fear of trying innovative solutions, like: “this always works!” Leaders, CTOs and other members of management have to work hard to change such behavior and encourage continuous lean improvement.

Improve culture to optimize your business.

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SST – Self-Service Technologies

Clients expect ready-made solutions and clear instructions for their demands and problems. A good strategy to handle those technologies – SST has to be established and continuously updated to meet the customer’s expectations.

Analyse to improve business efficiency

Remember that analytics is a powerful tool and will help you even more than business intuition. Thanks to it you can not only reduce the churn rate but also use the information given to improve areas such as customer service, marketing strategy or communication – sometimes a small improvement can be efficient for your business.

Improve managing your data

Start managing your company’s information and treat it as a valuable asset. By managing data, sharing it and giving access to the employees across the enterprise, more people will be able to increase Business Value and help improve decision processes.

Automate Processes

To build Intelligent Business Processes, leaders and CTOs have to trust and use the Internet of Things (IoT). Larger organizations use BPA to streamline the workflow and integrate software. As a result, all depts can share information, data and discuss issues quicker and more efficiently.

Business process outsourcing. However challenging it may be, it is worth managing BPO – business process outsourcing. Especially, if particular services aren’t strategic for business. Think about cons and business outcomes, client’s satisfaction and start to manage BPO.

Automated business operations. Today, many companies can adopt a huge amount of tools and software, depending on the needs and project’s requirements, to facilitate everyday tasks.

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Automate business operations.

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Improve dealing with tasks

Every team member has a lot of tasks, which curbs time and limits energy each day. That’s why it’s worth considering using effective resources to support some processes. Time management techniques can be very helpful in effective daily planning.

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Outsourcing. Any part of the work should be done by the most relevant and well-skilled person possible. Instead of delegating tasks to various, random employees, managers and chief officers need to move certain tasks to other departments or companies – to save money, time and create challenging opportunities.

Prioritize tasks. Those who set goals and prioritize tasks according to them,complete projects and close deals faster and on time. When you choose your priorities, always think of your long-term objectives and business goals. People’s demands and deadlines are of less importance in prioritization.

Final word

To sum up, the concept of Business Process Optimization, look at the process in a few steps and put it into practice:

  1. Weak point identification.
  2. Describe them in detail.
  3. Analysis of points from no. 1. Describe possible solutions.
  4. Process optimization. Restructuring, optimizing, automating, adopting other techniques or solutions.