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Full Cycle Product Development

Our goal is to make every business succeed in the long run, so we support companies at each stage of product development: prototyping, building an MVP, product-market fit, and finally, scaling.

UI/UX Design

We will help you design your product to solve real users' problems. It includes workshops, creating beautiful and useful user interfaces, and make them user-friendly.

Web Application Development

We build highly scalable platforms and well-tested products that are ready to handle millions of users daily. See how we use React JS to develop amazing web applications.

Mobile Application Development

iOS and Android apps built with React Native based on robust Node.js backend will satisfy every end-user. See how we solved the problem of non-scalability of a startup's application.

Desktop Application Development

Thanks to Electron JS, we build desktop applications for internal and external usage. Be like Slack who uses Electron JS for their desktop app. Read how we built a desktop app that succeeded on Product Hunt.

Staff augmentation

We solve the problems of lack of time, limited budgets or finding talented people. We will speed up your development by our amazing consultants with reliable skills. As long as you need it.


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How we work?

#High quality maintainable code

Clean, refactored code that meets global standards. Easy to work on for each experienced developer!

#Quality = Reliability

Automated tests / code review help us (and you) sleep at night. CI/CD...

#Open Communication & Transparency

Daily Standups, Weekly Demos, Team available online on Slack/Mattermost daily, Process Retrospective, Scrum Master - All that to create a perfect environment.

Lean & Business focus mindset

Our goal is to make your business succeed in the long run, so we use new features, focus on the most critical business features and our co-founders hold monthly meetings to help you grow your business.

Source Code Ownership and IP Protection

Source code should be yours, so we transfer copyright to you. We also care about IP Protection to make your data and ideas safe.

Time&Material only

We work only on a Time&Material basis because we feel it's fair (read more about why). Get a demo of your product each week and an invoice every two weeks - A transparent process!

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