13 May, 2021

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How to Find and Recruit JavaScript Developers

There are a lot of JavaScript developers yet it's not easy to find and recruit the best ones. With so many JavaScript frameworks it can be hard to find the gems we are looking for. However, there are three ways to make it a little bit easier.

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JavaScript developers are in high demand. Not only is JavaScript one of the three core languages of the web, but you can now readily encounter it outside of a browser thanks to open source server environments such as Node.js.

Given the importance of JavaScript in the world of tech today, you might expect JavaScript developers to be easy to find, but that’s not really the case. Finding good JavaScript developers can be an arduous task, which is why we’ve decided to write this article and make it a bit easier. But first, let’s take a closer look at why so many companies struggle to find and recruit JavaScript developers.

Good JavaScript developers are hard to find

About 70 percent of professional developers use JavaScript today, according to Stack Overflow 2018 developer survey, making it the most popular programming language. The incredible rise of JavaScript can be attributed to many things, but the importance of the simplicity of the language cannot be overstated.

Virtually anyone can start a JavaScript tutorial right now and finish their first web app just a few days later. JavaScript developers don’t even have to write applications from scratch. Instead, they can use many battle-tested JavaScript frameworks and build complex apps from pre-packaged components.

“Because the Node ecosystem is huge, and there’s so much code; so many modules already written, one of the first things any Node developer asks when they’re programming is, ‘Is there an npm for that?’” Jeff McAffer, director of open source programs office at Microsoft, explains the role of npm (node package manager) in modern JavaScript development. “In other words, developers ask themselves, ‘Has someone already solved this problem and written code that I can use in my own project?’” he adds.

It's hard to find and recruit the best JavaScript developers specialized in particular frameworks since there are so many.

Of course, Node.js isn’t the only JavaScript framework available. Angular.js, React Native, Aurelia, Knockout, Ember, Vue.js, and Meteor are all popular JavaScript frameworks that you can find behind a great number of apps. The ecosystem around JavaScript is in a constant state of flux, and it’s quite possible that all the top positions will be occupied by completely different frameworks just two or three years from now.

As you can probably imagine, it’s not easy to find and recruit JavaScript developers who know just the right frameworks and have all the other skill recruiters look for, including the ability to quickly and efficiently analyze client requirements, collaborate and communicate with others, and compose readable code that can be used later on for new software projects, just to give a few examples.

3 Ways to recruit JavaScript developers

The good news is that there are multiple ways to recruit JavaScript developers, each with its distinct set of pros and cons.

Matching services

Matching services like Toptal pre-select JavaScript developers for you, helping you gain access to a network of top industry experts. They are perfect for finding high-quality developers as fast as possible with little to no regard to cost.

For instance, the famous Toptal Screening Process starts with a comprehensive language, personality, and communication interview and continues with an in-depth skill review, live screening, test projects, and ongoing evaluation. Typically, fewer than 3 percent of all applicants are accepted by Toptal, why is why the platform is trusted by leading companies like Hewlett Packard, Zendesk, Thumbtack, Pfizer, and NetApp.

Other popular matching services include Hired and Gun.io. The former combines intelligent job matching with unbiased career counseling to bring transparency into salary offers, competing opportunities, and job details, while the latter claims to have the most comprehensive vetting process in the entire freelance industry.

Freelance marketplaces

Freelance marketplaces like Upwork, Fiverr, and PeoplePerHour are at the opposite end of the scale from matching services. Virtually any JavaScript developer can easily create an account on a freelance marketplace and start advertising his or her services. As such, they give you access to a seemingly endless pool of talent, but it’s up to you to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Freelance marketplaces are great for simple tasks that don’t take too long to complete and require only very little back and forth. They are great for web administrators who would like to implement a certain feature using JavaScript but don’t know how to do it themselves.

Experienced JavaScript developers tend to move away from freelance marketplaces as soon as possible, which is why we advise against using them as a way how to find full-time developers to create a complex app with many polished features.

Javascript software development companies

There are a few tips that can make it easier to recruit JavaScript developers and build an awesome team.

For professional work where a certain level of quality must be guaranteed, a JavaScript web development company is usually the best choice. Such companies typically employ multiple JavaScript professionals with different skill sets as well as designers, testers, project managers, analysts, marketing experts, and so on.

JavaScript software development companies can turn a rough idea into a fully realized product, and they can be held accountable for the work they deliver. It’s much more pleasant to work with a single JavaScript software development company than it is to recruit JavaScript developers from all around the world and personally manage each developer.

We at Brainhub have a passionate team of JavaScript enthusiasts who are ready to build a web, mobile or desktop application based on your idea. Our bread and butter are Node.js, Electron, and React, but we certainly don’t limit ourselves to them and always pick the best technology for the job.


The demand for JavaScript developers seems insatiable these days, but not all developers that advertise their services online are ready to take on complex projects. In this article, we’ve explained the problem many companies face when they decide to develop a JavaScript app, and we’ve also described three ways how to recruit JavaScript developers.


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