The system is used to manage the wholesale distribution of fresh food. The e-commerce platform allows a POS to place order through a dedicated Android application. On the admin side, it enables orders and production management.


The goal of the project was to automate the ordering of fresh food by shops. So far the orders were gathered and input to the production system by sales reps during calls. The idea was to create an intuitive platform that would allow non tech-savy users (shop clerks) to place orders and manage returns of products. Yet, the platform could not just be a regular ecommerce/ordering platform, because the fresh food distribution is quite specific - the process cycle is much shorter and prodcut returns play a big role.


The system is integrated pre-existing production platform that was previously used by sales representative to manualy input orders. It has two intrefaces: 1) a mobile apps for shops to browse prodcut, place orders and manage returns. 2) administrators web app to manage/monitor the system: shops, invetory and orders, returns. Each store received a tablet with an instaled application used to place orders, which totally replaced phonecall orders. Besides regular ordering, the systems assisted clerks in creating orders through recommendation system based on past product performance and returns.

The efficiencies

The platform enabled shop clerks to easily place orders and returns. The process takes up 5 times less time than compared to telephone "interface". More importantly, it is estimated that recommendation systems decrease the returns by 20%.

Technology Stack

The frontend was built in React.js. The backend was written in PHP/Symfony3 framework with underlying MySQL and with a node.js service handling real-time communication. The data exchange with external Oracle database was being implemented as well.

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