Outsourcing Software Development Teams

Teamwork makes the dream work.

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Teamwork makes the dream work

Outsourcing software development teams helps businesses launch their products faster and gain a competitive edge through innovative technical solutions. If you’re looking to team up with an experienced and talented group of developers who can bring expertise and creativity on board, we’re the right fit for you. We’ve successfully worked with clients on three continents and we continue to build digital products users fall in love with again and again.

Passionate about Technology

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What do you get?

Dedicated Team

We provide a variety of software development outsourcing to cater to your needs. Looking for an experienced team to translate your ideas into reality, from initial planning to a MVP? You can hire a Software Development Team including:

  • Full Stack and Front-End Developers
  • UX/UI Designer
  • Product Owner
  • QA Engineer

Maybe you just need some extra support for your in-house team in times of rapid business growth? That’s fine too; our developers will be more than happy to assist remotely. Whichever package you choose, you always get our CTO’s full support as the engineering and business savvy engine behind the project.

Vast Expertise

Our team has extensive IT knowledge gained through experience working with different clients on a diverse range of products. As true geeks, we never stop learning and advancing our skills so we stay atop of the latest technological tools. If you’re not sure yet which solutions are best for your business, we’ll make sure to find the right fit. We love technology and can’t wait to share this passion with you!

Communication & Reporting

Great communication is necessary for any project to succeed, outsourcing partnership especially. Here at Brainhub, we believe in full transparency. Depending on your preference we give you daily or weekly updates with the number of hours spent on each task. We use simple and clean project management tools like Taiga, Asana, Jira, Pivotal Tracker to keep everyone up to speed. If you’re not sure which tools work best for you, we’ll help you find the easiest and most convenient one.

Hate emailing back and forth? We’re with you on that one, that’s why while managing our projects we have a no email policy. We use Slack for instant messaging and Google Hangouts or Skype for daily video conferences. We don’t let the inbox clutter get in the way of our productivity. You always have a clear picture of what’s going on and a full control over the project!

Agile Process

How to make products efficiently and maintain high quality at the same time? We know the answer and it’s easy: keep it agile. Our team works in biweekly build sprints delivering pieces of software at the end of every sprint to ensure constant flow of value to our clients. In line with lean startup methodology, we test our riskiest assumptions first and build a MVP before moving on to adding more features. We minimise project risks and maximise ROI by staying flexible and ready to respond to challenges quickly and effectively. Read about our product sprints to find out how we get from the idea to a MVP in just 30 days!

Quality Comes First

Testing is integrated into the development process from the very beginning. In each iteration the product is refined and improved. Quality Assurance, test-driven development, automated tests, peer code review and usability testing are part of our routine. We test our software with potential customers early on and build up on their feedback to make sure we only make products users love to use.

Long-term Partnership

Our product development process and values we hold appeal to our clients and enable us to build long-lasting relationships with them. See our portfolio to discover some of the successful products we made together.