IT Team Augmentation

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IT Team Agumentation


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What is Team Augmentation?

It could be called team extension, it staff augmentation, dedicated team, but in the end is an outsourcing strategy. This strategy is about evaluating skills of your current in-house team and adding to it the lacking skillset by hiring external remote team/experts.

Staff augmentation is almost like having an in-house team with a difference that in most of the cases they are an offshore/nearshore team. In most of the cases, you will manage the work that the extension team is doing, but you don’t have to care about the hiring costs, paperwork, social benefits, training or even equipment.

In compare to project outsourcing, staff augmentation gives you more project management control, cost control and less risk on a long term.

Why use Staff Augmentation?

If you cannot find great developers, want to scale your team fast and for a temporary period, cannot afford in-house developers locally or simply don’t have time for building an in-house team, then IT team augmentation is for you.

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Team Augmentation Project Example

National Geographic

Together with the publisher of the magazine we completely reinvented the process of purchasing the subscriptions. The mission here was to make it a simple as possible while maintaining the broad possibilities of product customization.

Technologies we used: React, Redux, Express, Node.js, MongoDB.