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Reach all digital platforms with one app.

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Reach all digital platforms with one app

A cross-platform web application is a great way to reach your audience on any screen. Desktop, mobile, Android, iOS – you name it. Web apps look great, function perfectly and are user-optimised for any device and operating system. And with more search traffic coming from smartphones than computers nowadays you sure want to provide brilliant user experience for mobile as well as desktop users. A big advantage of web applications is also that they’re easy and quick to scale, so they can evolve as your business grows and changes with time.

With great technologies like Node.js, AngularJS, React, Electron and MongoDB that we use on a daily basis, you can get a near native mobile app experience without spending months on development.

Still not sure if you need a web app or a mobile app? Find out in 10 quick steps!

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More about the process

Keep it Agile

We aim to build web applications tailored to your needs so we take time to understand your business model and research the market. Our team follows agile software development methodology, which in a nutshell is a frequently repeated loop of build-measure-learn. We prototype early, test and re-evaluate our assumptions, and modify the design accordingly. Digital market changes constantly so we like to stay flexible. We review the tasks as they’re completed which enables us to continuously validate the value of the product and easily implement changes. Read about our product sprints to find out more.


Keeping you in the loop is our priority. We give you daily reports on our progress and you can always track the amount of time we spend on tasks through simple project management tools. We believe that great communications and full transparency are key to successful cooperation with the client.

Quality is the key

No bugs can sneak through our quality control! Quality Assurance, automated tests, test-driven development and peer code review are crucial parts of the development process. We’re problem solving obsessed and we only settle for the best solutions. Our amazing UI/UX Designers perform multiple usability tests with potential customers to make sure we deliver apps that are not only functional, but truly epic.