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Modern desktop applications are built with Electron JS

Building cross-platform desktop applications with JavaScript, HTML and CSS for Mac, Linux or Windows only with one framework - Electron JS.


Why we use Electron JS at Brainhub?

Electron JS is a framework based on Node.js and Chromium that enable to build a desktop applications with usage of standard web technologies like HTML, CSS and of course JavaScript. The desktop apps built with Electron JS can be easily packaged for Mac, Linux or Windows.

Why we use Electron JS at Brainhub?

How it works?

A huge advantage of Electron JS is that you could build desktop apps with well-known web technologies - HTML, CSS and JavaScript and get them running on Mac, Linux or Windows.
One can build application dedicated to different operating systems using a common codebase. Thanks to awesome Node.js capabilities you could not only use Electron JS to build a standard stand-alone applications, but even desktop apps, which control external devices like cameras, TV and many other devices.

Think about Electron JS as a React Native for desktop applications. If you are not familiar with React Native, it's one of the most trending frameworks built by Facebook to build Native Mobile applications.

PS. Check our last blog post about the 7 famous desktop apps build with Electron JS framework.

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Thanks to well known JavaScript, a developer can reuse blazingly fast implement a prototype that is easy to pivot or to develop further up a production application. The tremendous NPM repository makes possible to build desktop apps taking advantage of ready made libraries, which are supporting most problems the application developer would like to solve. Since the working environent is familiar for those who work with Node.js, the team can use the same development process, in terms of testing, building and deploying the product.

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We don't like to talk about it when we can just show you and there’s many examples to choose from. Some of the most successful companies out there have built their apps with Electron JS: Slack, Tidal, Basecamp, GitHub and Microsoft to name just a few.


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