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If you need a scalable cross-platform application that works well with all JS frameworks and libraries, Electron is your best bet. And we’re happy to help.


Why we use Electron JS at Brainhub

Electron JS is a framework based on Node.js and Chromium that enables us to build desktop applications using standard web technologies like HTML, CSS and, of course, JavaScript. The desktop apps built with Electron JS can be easily packaged for Mac, Linux or Windows. See some of our Electron JS projects.

How Electron JS lets us build cross platform desktop apps?

A huge advantage of Electron development is that you can build desktop apps with well-known web technologies – HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and get them running on Mac, Linux or Windows.

Applications dedicated to different operating systems using a common codebase can be built with its help. Thanks to awesome Node.js capabilities, you can use Electron JS to build standard stand-alone applications as well as desktop apps, which control external devices like cameras, TV and many other devices.

Electron JS is one of the fastest developing technologies used by top companies

We prefer to show you how it looks rather than just talk about it, and there are many examples to choose from. Some of the most successful companies out there have built their apps with Electron development: Tidal, Whatsapp, Wordpress, Skype, Basecamp, GitHub and Microsoft, to name just a few.

Choose the technology supported widely by the community and bigger players. Check out our blog post about the 7 famous desktop apps build with Electron JS framework.

And for more insights, visit and bookmark our guide to Electron Development.

Companies that use Electron JS in their app development


Advantages of Electron JS development



Electron can be used both for desktop and web applications because of its single code base, so every change and bug fix is simpler to implement.

Reduced expenses and time

Reduced expenses and time

Management of single code for all platforms reduces development time, and fewer hours means reduced costs. That means happy clients and happy developers!



Electron works with all JS frameworks and libraries like React JS, or Node.js, which are enough to build high-quality apps.

We areconsultants

We are not only programmers. Before we start coding, we gather loads of information to assist us in better meeting business goals. We don't start development without a solid grasp on what's needed.

We have athoughtful attitude

We don’t blindly follow the client's requirements. We offer our own suggestions that, based on our experience, we think are the most suitable for a particular project.

We focus onJS technologies

We are passionate about Electron JS. Our developers improve their skills every day, share their knowledge and are a proactive part of the JS community. We also support Electron JS with monthly donations to help develop it faster.
See how we built an Electron app that succeeded on Product Hunt

3 key rules in our Electron development process

Flexibility in the development process

We know that every partnership needs flexibility, so even though we believe in the Agile Manifesto, we always adjust our process accordingly in order to fully meet all the stakeholders’ needs.

Clear and transparent communication

The whole process is transparent. We show results at daily meetings, and after every sprint, we present business value on demo. You also can track the amount of time we spend on tasks through simple project management tools.

Quality is key

Quality assurance, automated tests, test-driven development, and peer code review are crucial parts of the development process. We always deliver clean, refactored code that meets global standards. Easy to work on for any experienced developer!

Sharing is caring. We care about JavaScript.

Our developers care about their own environment, so every day they improve the Electron JS world. Sharing is caring, right? So we develop new libraries, open-source projects and side projects. You can check them out here. To support the development of Electron JS framework, we donate to it regularly. We also organize amazing meetups – DevDuck – for JavaScript people. It is a great time for networking and gathering Electron JS knowledge.

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