[ WHY 1.36% ]

From the engineering talent pool, we find and hire the top 1.36%.

Our rigorous screening process identifies the most passionate and driven software engineers in Poland. Every month, less than 2% of the hundreds of  applications we receive make the cut and join Brainhub.
[ our criteria ]

Extreme recruitment standards.

Since we started in-depth recruitment process tracking in 2018, our applicant-to-hire ratio for software engineers is 1.36%.

Through years of iterations, we've developed a process that allows us to consistently find and retain top engineering talent.
hire a 1.36% team
% applicants, 36M Average

Communication & English language skills

Exceptional communication and English language skills means our clients enjoy clear, concise, and effective interactions every time.

Technical assessment

To maintain our reputation of a company that solves complex problems, creates innovative solutions, and delivers projects on time, high level of tech knowledge and experience is mandatory.

Teamwork, problem solving & ownership

Every Brainhuber not only has the technical know-how but also embodies the collaborative and accountable spirit needed to deliver software that contributes to our clients' business goals.

Commercial project readiness

Our promise is to provide a world-class engineering team to our clients, saving them time and resources. We take that seriously and only hire the best one out of 5 candidates that pass all of our criteria.