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Build a cross-platform mobile app with React Native experts.
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Mobile app development services
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Software should be an unfair advantage,
not a drag.

Accelerate your mobile app development.

Build your mobile app with Europe's top JavaScript experts

Set your app for scalability

Build a mobile app that grows as your business grows, depending on the demand.

Speed up your app

Optimize your app for speed to drive more conversions in the world where every milisecond counts.

Find product-market fit

Validate your MVP, discover who your ideal customers are and find a problem-solution fit.

Develop microservices

Release software fast and frequently, and quickly adapt to market changes.

Stunning UX & UI for users

Design a web app that fulfils your business goals and creates a meaningful experience for users.

Leverage cloud solutions

Reduce the costs and time spent on managing and maintaining your business' IT infrastructure.

With technology that’s here to stay.

Get an unbiased perspective on the best frameworks and tools for your project.
We’ve seen enough to save you from trouble.

With 80+ projects under our belt, there’s a high chance we can help with yours.

Consult your most pressing challenge with our technical advisors.

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Our secret?

90% of iteration goals contribute to product goals.

Sounds simple, yet barely anyone in the industry even measures it.
For us, that's the primary thing that keeps our focus on what's needed for your product to succeed.

And it just seems to work.

Here's what hard data and our clients have to say.

Voices from our clients

The people from Brainhub are highly-skilled in React and Node.js and they work hard to achieve our goals.

Wes Reid
Head of Product & Technology of Dealer Market Exchange

Brainhub have been working without needing a lot of assistance, and only asking the right questions.

Claus Stilbord
Omnicar A/S

It’s critical that Brainhub understands the context of the project and is treated as part of the team.

Enzo Martin
Technical Director at Paradox Interactive

They’re technical experts who aren’t afraid to speak up when they think something isn’t working.

Marcus Taylor
CEO & Founder of Venture Harbour

I’ve been working on Scribi for 3 years - in two and a half hours they helped me refine my project even more.

Brian Palmer
CEO & Founder at Scribi Writer’s Studio

They have excellent React.js knowledge.

Deb Gangopadhyay
CTO of Beam

When we work as partners, magic happens.


A scalable mobile app for a $126.4M startup

The story of a Sequoia Capital-backed startup that became the largest micromobility player in Asia-Pacific after building an e-scooter sharing app that supports >10k users daily.
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Software is no rocket science. To a point.

The barriers of entry are lowest ever. But the cost of not keeping up with the users’ expectation has never been higher.

We are true mobile app experts ready to build, advise and help grow your business. We will ask the right questions and suggest the best options for your idea and business strategy. We take into account several factors in the mobile app development process: your business strategy, user experience, market trends, budget and time.

At Brainhub, we hire mobile app developers who are top-notch experts in their fields, but not only. We choose to work with trustworthy innovators who stand out as dedicated and energetic team players.

We offer a complete service in mobile development, including mobile app wireframing and prototyping, QA testing, support and code maintenance, and know how to tailor your app to serve your business goals and market needs.
Leszek Knoll
CEO at Brainhub

It all boils down to speed and quality.

Hence the two rules we live by. Unbreakable and unnegotiable.

1. Testing is a must.

It’s simple. Tests are mandatory for every app we work on.

QA aims to identify and fill the gaps that impede the team from delivering a good quality product in a reasonable time.

We use every opportunity to check our code by unit, integration, and e2e testing.

2. Deploy every week.

Actually, we aim for daily or even hourly deploys if possible, but weekly is our minimum.

We’re diehard proponents of CI/CD for each part of apps we work on to quickly detect faulty changes and avoid releasing broken code.

To create our CI / CD processes we use infrastructure as a code approach with tools provided by Git platforms: Github Actions and Gitlab Pipelines.

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