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If you care about performance and reliability, our Node.js development services will make you smile. And sleep well at night.
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Outcome-oriented Node.js development services.

We keep our way of working extremely simple: solve real business problems, over-communicate with partners and never compromise on code quality. The fact that we're considered one of the top Node.js development companies and work on the most exciting Node.js projects, proves it's probably the right way.

For back-end development, Node.js is just hard to beat.


The options that this technology provides span from software that runs in your browser to the Internet of Things. You can use it to build your app's front-end and back-end without worrying about compatibility.

Reduced expenses & time

With Node.js you can write web apps with no latency. Instead of connecting to the server every time your app needs to send a request, the app and server are always connected and communication runs smoothly


Apps built with Node.js are easy to scale and maintain. They can be enlarged to accommodate for the growth of your business and handle an increasing number of connections.

Widely supported

Real-time mobile apps written using Node.js are easy to prototype, have higher performance and scalability. This framework works better than many other typical frameworks.

Fast production

Node.js facilitates multiple operations performance and can be used to build both complex and simple apps serving various business goals.


Node.js brings together many enthusiasts. Also, some of the most successful companies out there have built their apps with Node.js: eBay, PayPal, GoDaddy, Microsoft, Uber, Netflix and Yahoo!, to name just a few.

Things you need to know about Node.js

Before you decide on your Node.js development services partner.

What is Node.js

Node.js benefits

Node.js use cases

Node.js app examples

Node.js Development Guide: All You Need to Know

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4 key elements of our Node.js development services framework.

Compulsory e2e tests

Never cut corners on stability, reliability, availability and security. It's as simple and boring as that.

2+ deploys per week

Deliver value regularly and often. Validate assumptions. Get real feedback. "

High seniority

Never cut corners on stability, reliability, availability and security. It's as simple and boring as that.

DevOps excellence

We actually aim for being expendable. Embrace the changemaker, not vendor, mindset.

With 50+ Node.js projects under our belt, there’s a high chance we can help with yours.

Discuss your most pressing problem with our technical advisors.

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Our secret?

90% of iteration goals contribute to product goals.

Sounds simple, yet barely anyone in the industry even measures it.
For us, that's the primary thing that keeps our focus on what's needed for your product to succeed.

Voices from our clients

The people from Brainhub are highly-skilled in React and Node.js and they work hard to achieve our goals.

Wes Reid
Head of Product & Technology of Dealer Market Exchange

Brainhub have been working without needing a lot of assistance, and only asking the right questions.

Claus Stilbord
Omnicar A/S

It’s critical that Brainhub understands the context of the project and is treated as part of the team.

Enzo Martin
Technical Director at Paradox Interactive

They’re technical experts who aren’t afraid to speak up when they think something isn’t working.

Marcus Taylor
CEO & Founder of Venture Harbour

I’ve been working on Scribi for 3 years - in two and a half hours they helped me refine my project even more.

Brian Palmer
CEO & Founder at Scribi Writer’s Studio

They have excellent React.js knowledge.

Deb Gangopadhyay
CTO of Beam
brainhub rates and rerences

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When we work as partners, magic happens.


How Rulrr supports local businesses with marketing automation mobile app

Our application for Rulrr gives small and medium-sized businesses enterprise-class advertising potential.
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3 models for product success

Our battle-tested experts are ready to take the challenge head-on. We have all the competencies in-house.

Dedicated Agile team

A full team (experienced fullstack developers, UI/UX designers, QAs and BAs) tailored to your needs and product stage.

Recommended for: scale ups to enterprise, long-term, high product complexity.


Team augmentation

If you want to scale your team fast and for a temporary period, cannot afford in-house developers locally or simply don't have time for building an in-house team.

Recommended for: startups, short-term, short deadlines.


Workshops & consulting

Workshops help figure out user needs and business goals on a different level, and understand the strong and weak points of the system or app.

Recommended for: new products, process improvements, product-market fit stage.


We do what's needed for your business to grow...

High quality code

Clean, scalable, and future-proof code that’s easy to work on and modify according to the changing needs of your business.

Open Communication & Transparency

Daily Standups, Weekly Demos, Team available online on Slack/Mattermost daily, Process Retrospective, Scrum Master - All that to create a perfect environment.

Lean & Business focus mindset

Our goal is to make your business succeed in the long run, so we use new features, focus on the most critical business features.

Swift integration

We’re part of your team: we quickly adapt to your internal processes, actively participate in meetings and report to your in-house management.

Source Code Ownership and IP Protection

Source code should be yours, so we transfer copyright to you. We also care about IP Protection to make your data and ideas safe.

Total flexibility

You decide. Scale your dedicated team on the fly and adjust the size of your development crew based on the project’s scale and phase.

... and growing fast is what we do for a living.

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