Legacy Application Modernization Services

Transform your old software into an efficiency engine

Combine advanced technologies and streamlined processes to transform your old application into a highly efficient system.

legacy application modernization services
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Legacy software brings more trouble than benefits

An outdated system bogged down by years of ad-hoc changes and quick fixes. Result: increased maintenance costs and inefficiency. Sounds familiar? Then modernizing your legacy application is crucial to reduce technical debt and restore profitability.

It's time-consuming

23% of developers' time is wasted on working on technical debt

Because of legacy applications your development team must invest their time in fixing bugs and patching holes, instead of developing your product and making it better.

It's costly to maintain

70% of IT bugets are consumed by legacy system maintenance

Legacy systems generate costs instead of profits. You can't optimize your revenue and get the maximum return on investment if you have to constantly pay to maintain non-functional software.

It's a blocker for scaling

87% of companies plan a software modernization within a year

Legacy systems block business growth and scaling because they are difficult to develop and modify. That's why handling tech debt is one of the most important strategic goals of leading  companies.

[ Key lessons from industry experts ]

"Modernization needs to be prioritized with a quantifiable value."

Martin Blomgren
Star Stable Entertainment

It's crucial to understand the impact of the change and from that drive the initiatives with as many and small deliveries as possible to minimise both the complexity and the disruptions.

Sam McAfee
Startup Patterns

Modernization needs to be prioritized with a quantifiable value if at all possible. It needs to be a first class item of work, not extra background work, or it will fail. It has to be funded, time-boxed, and put on a product roadmap as a full fledged project or initiative.

David Gebhardt
mobile.de GmbH

I could imagine that for some companies discussions on investments in modernization will not get easier with the current market conditions and more focus will be on creating direct, tangible user impact.

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Legacy Application Modernization Services

Leverage our expert services in modernizing legacy applications, offering everything from cloud transitions and microservices structuring to UI/UX revamps, API strategies, and security optimization.

Cloud Migration

  • Migrate on-premise applications to cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud
  • Implement scalable cloud storage solutions
  • Enable cloud-based disaster recovery strategies
  • Utilize cloud-native tools for enhanced performance
  • Optimize resource usage for cost savings
legacy application modernization services
legacy application modernization services

Microservices Architecture

  • Shift from a monolithic to a microservice architecture
  • Containerize services using Docker or Kubernetes
  • Implement APIs for microservices communication
  • Employ DevOps practices for continuous integration and deployment
  • Enable constant scaling and updating of services

UX/UI Redesign

  • Redesign application interface to improve user experience
  • Implement responsive design for cross-platform compatibility
  • Enhance accessibility features
  • Integrate user feedback mechanisms for continuous improvement
  • Use analytics to understand and increase user engagement
legacy application modernization services
legacy application modernization services

API Integration

  • Integrate third-party APIs to expand functionalities
  • Develop custom APIs for internal application communication
  • Secure API endpoints
  • Employ API gateways for efficient management
  • Leverage APIs for data aggregation and analytics

Security Enhancement

  • Implement advanced encryption protocols
  • Conduct regular security audits and vulnerability assessments
  • Update and patch software to mitigate risks
  • Incorporate identity and access management solutions
  • Train your team on security best practices
legacy application modernization services

4 steps to modernize your legacy application

Every great project starts with the first call. Contact us and tell us about your business, your software's current state, and your goals.

Based on our proven process, we will offer you an upgrade plan tailored to your needs and turn your old application into a powerful engine that will push your business forward.
book a call

A quick call

First, we discuss the current health of your software, available resources, business goals, and deadlines to see what we can do for you.

4-hour workshop

Then we meet for a 4-hour workshop, during which we will talk more about your project and opportunities.

Guidelines & strategy

After the workshop, we will provide you with our guidelines and an modernization strategy.


Now it's time to turn your business goals into reality by implementing a modernization plan.
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Robert Coletti, co-founder cello
Robert Coletti
Co-founder, cello

We were looking for flexibility and engineers that would be able to think through the problems and really come up with the best solution.

August 12, 2023
Emily Chambers
Emily Chambers

Our previous native app had bugs due to the development we’d done on the website, and Brainhub resolved all of those issues.

The team has been great at achieving our goals; thanks to them, we have a well-performing mobile app.

September 9, 2022
Juliana Alonso
Juliana Alonso
Producer, Star Stable

Probably any company would benefit from working with Brainhub, but if you have more complex issues like dealing with technical debt or have some big challenges you want to tackle but don’t really know how, I would definitely think of Brainhub for that.

October 12, 2023
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Benedykt Dryl Brainhub
Benedict Dryl
head of engineering, Brainhub
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