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Unlocking Engineering Leadership: Insights from the Automotive Industry

In this episode, Felipe Streb explores cultural variations in work practices, communication, and trust-building in the tech industry. Felipe contrasts his work life in Spain and Germany, particularly noting differences in work hours and organizational preferences. His role at SEAT:CODE a digitalization center for the automotive industry, showcases the importance of agile development processes.

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Crafting Success in Tech: Stories from the Frontlines of Innovation

In this episode, Pat Kua shares insights into his leadership success through nurturing others, particularly new tech leads, managers, directors, VPs, and CTOs, and stresses the need for personalized definitions of success. He highlights the importance of support for those transitioning into management roles and effective teaching skills for leaders.

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From Sports to Success: Unveiling Leadership Strategies

In this episode David shares insights from his career at eBay and mobile.de. He underscores the importance of delivering valuable products to users and giving back to the community by advising early-stage startups. At mobile.de, his team is a balanced mix of internal and external members to foster innovation while maintaining core business integrity.

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Agility and Adaptability Strategies for Success in Product Development and Leadership

In this episode Leszek interviews Andrew Martinez, VP of Product at Honeysales. Their discussion highlights the role of AI in enhancing human efficiency, focusing on balancing AI autonomy with maintaining seller control over messaging. Challenges like ensuring personalized communication and improving AI output through examples of effective messages are addressed.

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The minds and voices behind BTL

Matt Warcholinski

Co-founder of Brainhub, Matt describes himself as a “serial entrepreneur”. Throughout his career, Matt has developed several startups in Germany, wearing many hats- from a marketer to an IT Engineer and customer support specialist. As a host of the Better Tech Leadership podcast, Matt talks about growing successful businesses and the challenges of being a startup founder and investor.

Leszek Knoll

Over the last decade, Leszek has developed several successful businesses, among them a software development agency that supports Fortune 500 companies. With the challenges a growing business brings, he observed that stepping out of a tech role into a leadership one brings the need for a different approach. As a host of the Better Tech Leadership podcast, Leszek is focused on bridging the gap between tech and people skills.