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Why we use Golang at Brainhub

It is an open-source Google programming language with easy syntax similar to C++. Equipped with a garbage collector and many other built-ins, the Go language is both type-safe and dynamic. Also, Golang offers a huge collection of guides with a massive amount of packages and add-ons that will help every Golang developer to boost agility and write clear code.

Golang web development gives: performance, security, and convenience

Golang is especially useful for developing quite complex products requiring back-end technologies such as IoT, cloud, distributed networks, chatbots, etc. Go's simple syntax makes the process of app development both easier and quicker for developers. Thanks to Go's flexible nature, it's possible to compile binaries for macOS, Windows, Linux, BSD, or ARM. At Brainhub we offer you development, migration, and maintenance for web, mobile, and desktop platforms.

The community of Golang developers and supporters is still growing. They are working hard to find events and communities to exchange insights and share experiences. Our developers are experts in writing apps in Golang. The developers say that it’s pleasant to learn and master and that Go could be the future of backend. Thanks to Go's simplistic and minimalistic nature, it's possible to compile binaries for macOS, Windows, Linux, BSD, or ARM.

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Many popular companies have decided to rewrite their web applications with Go

If you are looking for a high-performance technology for large-scale infrastructures used both for big companies and OSIs, Golang is a great choice, as it belongs to innovative cloud platforms like Google Cloud, Dropbox, MS Azure, and AWS. Uber, Soundcloud, Dropbox, YouTube, and Wirtualna Polska apps are rewritten in Go. At Brainhub we offer you Go development, migration, and maintenance for web, mobile, and desktop platforms.

Big players use Golang to build their amazing products

UberSoundcloudDropboxYouTubeGoogle Cloud

Choose Golang and build a scalable digital product

Streamlined compilation

Streamlined compilation

Golang handles many tasks at one time within one app. Without affecting the app’s scalability or requiring JVM, it runs just after launch. You can say goodbye to delays or overloads.

Smooth and versatile

Smooth and versatile

Golang, working in an open cloud, is a multi-platform language that facilitates simultaneous interaction with various services while avoiding request blocking from web pages.

Modern and scalable

Modern and scalable

Go is ideal for versatile business purposes where time and resources are what matter most. Golang’s development process for supporting concurrency is fast and the code maintenance is quite affordable at the same time.

We areconsultants

We are not only programmers. Before we start coding, we gather loads of information to assist us in better meeting business goals. We don't start development without a solid grasp on what's needed.

We have athoughtful attitude

We don’t blindly follow the client's requirements. We offer our own suggestions that, based on our experience, we think are the most suitable for a particular project.

We focus onGolang technology

We are passionate about this technology. Our Golang developers improve their skills every day, share their knowledge and are a proactive part of the community.

How does the Golang development process look?

A great process is key to a successful product.

Flexibility in the development process

We know that every partnership needs flexibility, so even though we believe in the Agile Manifesto, we always adjust our process accordingly in order to fully meet all the stakeholders’ needs.

Clear and transparent communication

The whole process is transparent. We show results at daily meetings, and after every sprint, we present business value at the demo. You also can track the amount of time we spend on tasks through simple project management tools.

Quality is key

Quality assurance, automated tests, test-driven development, and peer code review are crucial parts of the development process. We always deliver clean, refactored code that meets global standards. Easy to work on for any experienced developer!

Sharing is caring.

Our developers care about their own environment, so every day they improve the world. Sharing is caring, right? So we develop new libraries, open-source projects and side projects. You can check them out here. We also organize amazing meetups – DevDuck – for JavaScript people. It is a great time for networking and gathering knowledge.

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