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Goal-oriented mobile solutions – are you ready for next-level mobile app development?

Maximize profits and grow your business by developing top-notch mobile products adjusted to market needs, user experience, and the project’s vision.

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With our help, you can build a scalable mobile app that will help your business grow.

At Brainhub, we understand that modern mobile apps have to be truly usable and stable - satisfying both user expectations and the market niche. Employing the best methodologies and tools, we keep high quality in coding, so that our mobile apps are perfectly suited to the users and market demands.

Every mobile app development team member pays close attention to detail and constantly upgrades their proficiency and skills in various fields of mobile app development. At Brainhub, we are top-notch experts, consultants and engaged teams in the field of web and app development. We also love to work with clients who are brave innovators, bringing value to the market and offering something special for target users.

We bravely dive into various international market sectors, such as e-commerce, automotive, finances, heavy industry, gaming, work-management, health & fitness platforms, and many more. We deliver mobile products to brands like Beam and GOKONG. We simply know how to tailor our mobile apps to your business goals and market needs.

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We are ready to advise, speed up projects, and solve your problems.

We are true mobile app experts ready to build, advise and help grow your business. We will ask the right questions and suggest the best options for your idea and business strategy. We take into account several factors in the mobile app development process: your business strategy, user experience, market trends, budget and time.

Mobile app developers at Brainhub make use of their long-term experience in mobile development. We’re constantly upgrading our knowledge and skills when it comes to mobile development. Our mobile apps run on iOS (iPhones, iPads, iPods, and iWatches) and Android (phones, tablets, and wearables). We build: mobile apps, cross-platform-apps, native apps, hybrid apps, and progressive apps. The cross-platform applications built using React Native are totally original and characterized by unique and intuitive UX / UI designs.

We offer you a complete service in mobile development, including Mobile app wireframing and prototyping, QA testing, support and code maintenance.

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Only the best technology.


Our mobile apps are smart, well performing, and usable

Mobile solutions that generate value

Mobile solutions that generate value

Besides providing technical solutions, we also focus on the business values of the projects: future modifications, competitors, and revenue growth.

Attracting attention and retaining users

Attracting attention and retaining users

We offer the right tools and tested methodologies to write comprehensive mobile apps that meet user demands, boost conversion and retain clients.

Reliable consultancy and experience

Reliable consultancy and experience

Our standards ensure high quality & no data leaks thanks to a solid frontend and scalable backend. Our experts work on your project from day 1.

Our processes boost mobile app development in a proven way



Once we start cooperation with a client, more than anything else, we focus on what, how and whether to build together.

This phase helps us make sure the product is feasible and create a prioritized roadmap of outcome-based goals that contribute to a product vision. Our team is experienced in building products from scratch.

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Discovery Phase

During this phase, we work together as one team to find the best ideas to reach the desired goals. Creating innovative web apps can be a very complex mission.

To address this challenge, every idea can be stated as a hypothesis and, using Lean Startup’s “Build, Measure, Learn” loop, either accepted or rejected. We want to be sure that the features we build will solve customers’ real problems.

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Delivery Phase

This phase is probably the most exciting for our clients as they see how their product is being created.

First, we design and compose requirements for developers. Then we design the system and build the most critical business features. Finally, we do more tests to be sure that the product is as perfect as possible.

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Check why we are trustworthy mobile app developers

Credible partnership

Ownership and consultancy approach allows us to deliver projects on time fulfilling clients’ business needs.

Always on schedule

Our agile teams know how to deliver digital products on time using the best project management practices. We run Scrum meetings and follow product backlogs.

High-quality maintainable code

Clean, refactored code that meets global standards. Easy to work on for each experienced developer!

Source Code Ownership and IP Protection

Source code should be your property, so we transfer copyrights to you. We also take care of IP Protection to keep your data and ideas safe.

Lean & Business focus mindset

Our goal is to make your business succeed in the long run, so we use new features focusing on the most critical business points.

Communication and transparency

We actively keep our clients updated on our progress. We do daily standups and send demos of products every week. Our team is available online every day on Slack/Mattermost.

Our clients appreciate what we do
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