Why we use MongoDB at Brainhub

MongoDB is an open source, document-oriented database that stores your application data in collections of individual documents.

How it works?

As a non-relational database, MongoDB is easy to update and scale.

Relational databases require schemas to be defined before you add any data. If you create a schema and later on decide to store new features in it, you'll need to add a new column to the database, and then migrate the entire database to the new schema. In case of large databases, the process will be slow and involve a significant downtime.

Non-relational databases, like MongoDB, cater to clients whose data is unstructured and unknown in advance. They allow you to add data without a predefined schema so making application changes is easy and you don’t have to worry about service interruptions. That way if you later introduce alterations to development process, you can adjust the way you store your data accordingly with no downtime and little database administration time needed. MongoDB simply lets you stay flexible and update your product as often as you want.

MongoDB is also easy and safe to scale. Instead of having a single server that hosts the entire database and limits its scalability, MongoDB natively and automatically spreads data across an arbitrary number of servers. If one server goes down it can be quickly replaced without any application disruption.

There's also lightning fast speed processing. Time is money and a minute on the internet is (or at least seems) an eternity. With Node.js you can write web apps with no latency. What does it mean? That instead of connecting to the server every time your app needs to send a request, the app and server are always connected and communication runs smoothly.

Finally, apps built with Node.js are easy to scale and maintain. They can be enlarged to accommodate for the growth of your business and handle an increasing number of connections.

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We are a team of experienced startupers and we know how important it is to stay flexible. With time, your product will evolve and become more sophisticated so it is crucial to choose technologies that don’t put limits on your growth.

MongoDB lets you follow the principles of agile methodology. You can tweak new features without worrying about application disruption and time-consuming maintenance. It’s a database designed to grow with your app.

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Many big tech companies such as Expedia, BuzzFeed, eBay, Foursquare and LinkedIn are using MongoDB as their database of choice. And if that’s not enough, so are some governmental institutions like the American Federal Communications Commission.

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