Accelerate your app development with Europe’s top .NET experts.

If you care about good app performance, fast time to market and resilient architecture, you’re in the right place.


Outcome-oriented .NET development services.

We keep our way of working simple: solve real business problems, over-communicate with partners and never compromise on quality. The fact that we're one of the fastest growing companies in Europe according to Financial Times proves it’s probably the right way.

From startup to enterprise-grade apps, .NET is just hard to beat.

.NET is a framework with a wide array of features and functionalities, making it a first choice for web and mobile applications at different maturity stages and across various industries.

With modern language constructs, multiple class libraries and widely adopted APIs, .NET is not only the most developer-friendly platform, but also the most productive one.

Fast and versatile: a perfect combination.

Application performance is something we’re kind of obsessed with at Brainhub. With better response times and requiring less compute power, .NET ticks all the right boxes for us, and that’s not something that happens often.

If you add the cross-platform capabilities to it, meaning we can reuse code and skills across applications, meaning we can deliver software faster and with less cost, then you know why we’re huge proponents of .NET.

Big players use .NET to build their amazing products


We areconsultants

We are not only programmers. Before we start coding, we gather loads of information to assist us in better meeting business goals. We don't start development without a solid grasp on what's needed.

We have athoughtful attitude

We don’t blindly follow the client's requirements. We offer our own suggestions that, based on our experience, we think are the most suitable for a particular project.

We focus onJS & .NET technologies

We are passionate about this framework. Our .NET developers improve their skills every day, share their knowledge and are a proactive part of the software community.
See how we built a scalable web app for a world leader in geography and exploration

How does the .NET development process look?

A great process is key to a successful product.

Flexibility in the development process

We know that every partnership needs flexibility, so even though we believe in the Agile Manifesto, we always adjust our process accordingly in order to fully meet all the stakeholders’ needs.

Clear and transparent communication

The whole process is transparent. We show results at daily meetings, and after every sprint, we present business value at the demo. You also can track the amount of time we spend on tasks through simple project management tools.

Quality is key

Quality assurance, automated tests, test-driven development, and peer code review are crucial parts of the development process. We always deliver clean, refactored code that meets global standards. Easy to work on for any experienced developer!

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Projects delivered
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Longest client partnership
Consultants under one roof
Consultants under one roof