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Run your modern web app with a Top Node JS Development Agency

It's fast, reliable and a perfect fit for modern web apps. Node JS is part of our favorite stack – we recommend it to clients and use it in our own side projects.


Why we use Node JS at Brainhub

Node JS is an open-source, cross-platform runtime environment written in JavaScript, the most popular programming language in the world. It's biggest strengths are versatility, lightning-fast processing speed and high scalability. See some of our Node JS projects.

How Node JS lets us build amazing web apps?

The best thing about Node JS is versatility. The options that this technology provides span from software that runs in your browser to the Internet of Things.

You can use it to build your app's front-end and back-end without worrying about compatibility. This means that Node JS development process is faster and code is used more efficiently (you don't have to write front-end and back-end separately). You can also write native add-ons to Node and use it to run any device with it like the Node Copter drone.

There's also lightning-fast processing. Time is money and a minute on the internet is (or at least seems) an eternity. With Node JS you can write web apps with no latency. What does that mean? That instead of connecting to the server every time your app needs to send a request, the app and server are always connected and communication runs smoothly.

Finally, apps built with Node JS are easy to scale and maintain. They can be enlarged to accommodate for the growth of your business and handle an increasing number of connections.

PS. Did we mention that we love Node JS?

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Node JS development is the technology used by top companies

We’d rather show you than just talk about it, and there are many examples to choose from. Some of the most successful companies out there have built their apps with Node JS: eBay, PayPal, GoDaddy, Microsoft, Uber, Netflix and Yahoo!, to name just a few.

Big players use Node JS to build their amazing products


Use Node JS to build a scalable web app

Performance & saved resources

An experienced front-end developer writing in React is able to write backend in Node JS. What’s more, adding features and implementing changes go quite smoothly in Node JS.

Scalability & speed

Real-time mobile apps written using Node JS are easy to prototype, have higher performance and scalability. This framework works better than many other typical frameworks.

Fast production & popularity

Node JS facilitates multiple operations performance and can be used to build both complex and simple apps serving various business goals. Also, Node JS brings together many enthusiasts.

Why Hire Node JS Developers from Brainhub?

We areconsultants

We are not only programmers. Before we start coding, we gather loads of information to assist us in better meeting business goals. We don't start development without a solid grasp on what's needed.

We have athoughtful attitude

We don’t blindly follow the client's requirements. We offer our own suggestions that, based on our experience, we think are the most suitable for a particular project.

We focus onJS technologies

We are passionate about this framework. Our Node JS developers improve their skills every day, share their knowledge and are a proactive part of the JS community.

See how we built a Node JS web app for a world leader in geography and exploration

How does the Node JS development process look?

A great process is key to a successful product.

Flexibility in the development process

We know that every partnership needs flexibility, so even though we believe in the Agile Manifesto, we always adjust our process accordingly in order to fully meet all the stakeholders’ needs.

Clear and transparent communication

The whole process is transparent. We show results at daily meetings, and after every sprint, we present business value at the demo. You also can track the amount of time we spend on tasks through simple project management tools.

Quality is key

Quality assurance, automated tests, test-driven development, and peer code review are crucial parts of the development process. We always deliver clean, refactored code that meets global standards. Easy to work on for any experienced developer!

Our Initiatives

We are JS brainiacs who love to share their knowledge with the community

Our developers care about their own environment, so every day they improve the world. Sharing is caring, right? So we develop new libraries, open-source projects and side projects. You can check them out here. We also organize amazing meetups – DevDuck – for JavaScript people. It is a great time for networking and gathering knowledge.

Our people are engaged in creating JS community


Our clients appreciate what we do

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