Node.js is our core competency and we love to use it!

It’s fast, reliable and a perfect fit for modern web apps. Node.js is part of our favourite stack - we recommend it to clients and use it in our own side projects.

Node.js Software Development



Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform runtime environment written in JavaScript, the most popular programming language in the world. It’s biggest strengths are versatility, lightning fast speed of processing and high scalability.

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How it works?

The best thing about Node.js is versatility. Possibilities that this technology gives you span from software that runs in your browser to Internet of Things.

You can use it to build your app’s front-end and back-end without worrying about compatibility. This means that development process is faster and code is used more efficiently (you don’t have to write for front-end and back-end separately). You can also write native addons to Node and use it to run any device with it. Like the Node Copter drone.

There’s also lightning fast speed processing. Time is money and a minute on the internet is (or at least seems) an eternity. With Node.js you can write web apps with no latency. What does it mean? That instead of connecting to the server every time your app needs to send a request, the app and server are always connected and communication runs smoothly.

Finally, apps built with Node.js are easy to scale and maintain. They can be enlarged to accommodate for the growth of your business and handle an increasing number of connections.

PS. Did I mentioned that we love Node.js?

Tell me more

We’re all about smart business management and facilitating growth effectively. The thing with Node.js development is that it really lets you keep your business lean. Since Node apps are easy to prototype and scale, you can test new features faster and implement changes smoothly at every iteration.

Your app will evolve as your business grows, so it’s important to make sure substantial alterations can be made efficiently. We build highly scalable apps because we set your business up for the future.

Show me

We don’t like to talk about it when we can show it and there’s many examples to choose from. Some of the most successful companies out there have built their apps with Node.js: eBay, PayPal, GoDaddy, Microsoft, Uber, Netflix and Yahoo! to name just a few.