How a fitness SaaS won 4 investors with the help of web & mobile MVPs

The story of an early-stage fitness startup that verified the market potential and attracted 4 investors after creating MVPs of its web and mobile app.


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Motivato is a cross-device sports platform offering personalized training plans for runners. It also motivates users to workout systematically through gamification. The system is integrated with multiple GPS trackers and fitness databases.


To design and build a system that provides users with training plans that are accurate and that people actually want to use. The plans should be highly personalized: based on past results, preferences and should adjust to progress. At the same time, system should motivate users to follow the plan.


Two interfaces - a web app for planning, review and preferences and a mobile app to assist the users during workouts. The system is integrated with street runs results databases and popular workout trackers databases (Endomondo, Strava, etc) allowing for automatic creation and adjustment of training plans. It also provides health questionnaires to monitor recovery.

The system provides gamification to motivate users on daily basis to follow the training plans - including group challenges and coach feedback. For high-end users, there's a separate service that allows for direct contact with real coaches that adjust the plan manually for better results.

Technology stack

The frontend was built using KnockoutJS. The backend was built using PHP and Symfony 3 framework and using node.js service to handle real-time communication. As a database layer, MySQL was used. It was integrated with external platforms like Endomondo, RunKeeper to collect the data from different sources.