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Together with the publisher of the magazine, we completely reinvented the process of purchasing subscriptions. The mission here was to make it as simple as possible while maintaining the broad possibilities of product customization.

This was the first time we had used lean startup methodology with a corporation as large as this one. Thanks to the lean startup processes, we decreased the software delivery time by 80% in comparison to the internal National Geographic IT resources.

Reinventing the subscription sales process included both the interface and the backend created from scratch.

It was a game-changing experience for National Geographic to work with Brainhub with a truly lean approach. We built a completely new customer experience by reinventing the magazine subscription system for National Geographic clients.
Luke Glombicki
Former Online Marketing Manager at Burda Media / National Geographic


To design and build a great way to find and purchase the products that are available in various, often-changing sets and versions with various add-ons. Number two, connect the new interface with a decade-old, custom-made ERP/e-commerce platform without even slightly changing it.


First, we sought the ideal way to sell the product. Following the research that indicated the top-down approach (i.e. when users start with the print, then all the other details), we created a separate service provided the new interface and served as an intermediary between the user and the old platform.

Improved User Flow

With the new approach, we were able to reduce the number of screens necessary to make the purchase by 67%. The reinvented interface proved not only faster but considerably more natural and intuitive for the customers.

The new separate service, or the intermediary between the user and the old system, allowed us to rearrange the existing product data in a way that suited the new layout and "transmitted" the purchase results to the old ERP after the sale. Having these separate made it possible to also introduce the backend/caching optimizations that were not available previously.

By following Lean Startup Methodology, we were able to cut the development and the product delivery time by 68% in compare to a similar internal project. On top of that the conversion rates increased by 127% within first 6 months.
Luke Glombicki
Former Online Marketing Manager at Burda Media / National Geographic

Technology Stack

The web frontend was built using React framework. As a database layer, MySQL was used. The backend was integrated with eCard payment platform and with client's internal system to collect the data about the orders.

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