How a fast-growing productivity B2C SaaS succeeded on Product Hunt

The story of an early-stage startup that created a product MVP to verify the market’s potential, and turned the newfound insights into business growth.


Meet Serene – the app that will enable you to focus on what matters & shield yourself from digital distractions

Serene was founded by Venture Harbour – digital innovation studio, which creates ambitious online ventures (the best example is Leadformly & BrokerNotes) that is transforming the way over 3 million marketers and entrepreneurs grow their businesses. The main goal of the app is helping people focus and get into their workflow easier. We are proud to be part of this project as consultants, architects and finally Electron experts.


The CEO of Serene was looking for the best Electron developers to develop MVP of an easy-to-use macOS app. He hired us to perform a technical feasibility analysis and build the MVP from scratch. As part of this effort, we performed business analyses and requirements gathering based on specifications, designs, and workshops.

Why Brainhub

  1. We are leading experts in Electron: One of our core competences is creating scalable desktop applications based on the Electron framework. The client has chosen us from among five vendors.
  2. The best standards in building MVP: During the process, we follow the client, but also we aren’t afraid to speak up when we think something isn't working properly. We have a common-sense approach — all for the best results.
  3. We are entrepreneurs: Their decision was also influenced by our experience as serial entrepreneurs. We've built many digital products ourselves.


See how we collaborate with the CEO and Developer of Serene based on our mindset – consultant skills and thoughtful attitude

Our three developers and business analyst cooperated with the client's team composed of the CEO, a designer, and a developer. The process was based on our mindset – good consultant skills and a thoughtful attitude. In this case, we gathered loads of information to better meet the business goals. If something seemed wrong, we didn't blindly follow the client's requirements. We immediately reacted and proposed our own solutions. From top to bottom, we had a direct impact on the project direction. Additionally, the whole process was transparent – the client could view the sprint status and had access to the source code of each deliverable.


Feasibility check

Firstly, we analyzed how we could realize the project in Electron. After this, we presented different paths for building the architecture to the client. Our professional evaluation contained precise solutions aimed at developing the MVP.

Kev features development

Based on the client’s requirements, we developed crucial elements of the project. We also implemented designs that we received from the designer.

Testing and estimating new ideas

When we worked on core tasks, we also tested plenty of new concepts that we got from the CEO. Firstly, we always check what is viable to implement. Then we provide the client with precise estimates. In this way, we help set the direction of development.

The result is a high-quality and comprehensive desktop app, which will be launched on the market in the near future. The next goal is to develop new features and test fresh ideas.

How does Serene work?

The usage goal of Serene is to realize daily goals. After setting up an individual purpose, the user splits it into short sessions. When a user enters a session, the app blocks distracting applications and websites. During the user’s activity, the app also runs concentration music. At the end of each part, the user gets a short break before entering the next one.

Technology stack

We built the desktop app using Node.js and Electron framework. Using JavaScript and React, we also developed a browser plugin that blocks websites and web apps. Both of these apps connect with the helper app that works in the back. It also was built in Node.js.

Check out some awards of Serene’s Founder

  • Finalist for Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe 2018
  • Winner of ‘Visionary of the Year’ at MIDEM
  • Winner of ‘Young Professional of the Year’ at UK Search Awards
  • Speaker at TEDx conferences