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Complex front-end development for your app made easy with React.js

React.js is great for building large applications with data that changes over time.


Why we use React.js at Brainhub?

React.js is a JavaScript library for creating user interfaces, primarily in web app development. It’s one of the top open-source projects by Facebook and Instagram.

Why we use React.js at Brainhub?

How it works?

In React.js, common UI design elements (buttons, form fields, background etc.) are divided into small reusable components with well-defined interfaces. So when you work on the front-end for your app, you can recycle the components you already have and write much less code. This means faster development and fewer bugs, because problems are easier to isolate and fix.

React.js is meant for building fast application that handle large amounts of data. It automatically updates and renders just the right components when your data changes which makes writing complex UI quicker and easier.

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React.js is simple and functional. It lets you build UI faster because your code is more readable and maintainable thanks to the small components model. And with the help of automatic updates, you can scale painlessly.

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React.js was first developed at Facebook for internal purposes, but after a while they decided it’s so great they need to share it with the world. And the world loved it. Instagram’s entire website was built on React.js after the two companies joined forces. Nowadays, there are also many other successful companies using React.js, including Khan Academy, New York Times, Squarespace, Netflix, Airbnb and Imgur.


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