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React Native solves "Native or Cross-platform" dilemma once and for all!

Development speed and agility of a web app combined with native app experience.


Why we use React Native at Brainhub?

React Native is a platform for building mobile apps using very popular and quickly growing React.js library. It’s one of Facebook’s top open-source projects.

Why we use React Native at Brainhub?

How it works?

Most importantly, React Native is a solution to the usual problems associated with building a native app: inefficiency, slow time to deployment and less developer productivity. Hybrid app development with React Native is as fast and agile as web app development but it gives native app results. So it’s simply the best of both worlds!

Like it’s sister project, React.js, React Native breaks an application down into small components making it easier to iterate on the product. It also simplifies the programming model and makes the code a lot more predictable so you can debug more effectively and create extremely reliable apps.

React Native is also easy to develop and maintain. All you need to know is JavaScript and some native UI elements (you don’t have to learn iOS’s Swift or Java for Android). Thanks to that, not having anyone on your team who’s familiar with native technologies is not an issue in terms of future maintenance and scaling.

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Developing native apps is more expensive and takes longer than web apps, but they offer features and user experience that web apps can’ always match. This creates a dilemma: which one should you invest in?

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Just look at, it’s written entirely in React. View more famous apps built in React Native


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