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Where Is UI/UX Design Heading?

UI/UX design has come a long way since Don Norman, the current Director of the Design Lab at the University of California, first coined the term “user experience design” more than 25 years ago. Today, the demand for UI/UX designers is at its all-time high, and companies that invest in great design are known to… read more

How to Spot a Doomed Project

Almost everyone who has worked in IT for a while has encountered a project that was doomed right from the start. In fact, nearly one-third of IT projects are cancelled before completion, according to a report by The Standish Group, and about 36 percent of projects fail to meet their goals. Given these gloomy statistics,… read more

Focusing on Workplace Wellness

It’s time for leaders to “settle for less” when enabling wellness in their organizations. In every moment of our lives we’re told to do best, learn hard, achieve top positions and get the maximum out of everything. Surely, you want to create a HEALTHY atmosphere and transparency among people in your team. More and more… read more

5 Tips: Develop Talent in Your Company

We’re continuing the topic of developing talent within an organization. We wrote about this issue in our last post: “Talent Development: How to Build an IT Dream Team.” Today, we give you some practical advice that you can use in your work! First, let’s focus on the perks of talent development. Benefits of developing team… read more

Top 5 Best Automated Software Testing Tools

To deliver successful products and services at the pace demanded by today’s digital economy, software developers can’t afford to rely on anything less than the latest software development practices. According to the most recent edition of the World Quality Report, test automation, the use of special software to control the execution of tests, is helping… read more

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