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Why companies outsource? Explore 4 main reasons!

Most managers and CTOs are great professionals and lead highly talented people, but at the same time forget that they’re not multi-skilled robotic creatures. This “ambition” can stop the business from growth. Through outsourcing different tasks, you will be able to focus more on leadership and income generation. If you’re not fully into this idea,… read more

Can I Outsource a CTO?

A Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is a position crucial for any modern startup/company related to IT and software services. This is someone who will erect your technology infrastructure, manage tool and teams, outline strategies and approaches according to business goals. As we’ve mentioned previously in what does a CTO do, he/she is a key planner,… read more

Outsourcing to a Software House vs In-house Development

Today, as outsourcing has become a global omnipresent phenomenon, many businesses pass their software projects to outsourcing companies. Factors driving them toward that decision include the high cost of hired talent, strict deadlines, lack of certain skills, etc. Generally, outsourcing allows the company and the hired help to share skills in order obtain a quality… read more

How to Lead an IT Team

A lot of new CTOs or team leaders have problems with combining the roles of member of a team and leader of a team. They tend to forget about the “boring” management part or forget how to code. On one hand, you’re organizing, hackathons, meet-ups (like DevDuck in Brainhub) and other parties, but on the… read more

How to Build a Great Company Culture Remotely

Building a great company culture today has become a bit more difficult. With the rise of freelancing, digital nomads, and outsourcing the game is changing dramatically. At the forefront of those changes are tech companies. They are becoming truly global and organizations are becoming more and more decentralized. The same young people want to have… read more

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