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Why do you need Discovery Workshops
for your product?

a clear picture of project goals, user profile, and product vision
business concept evaluation and technical validation
project structured into a roadmap, schedule, budget, and resources
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Boost your product with expert assistance

During a series of meetings, we dig into your project idea, team dynamics, and operational challenges to identify areas for improvement.

We will help you to specify your vision and validate the concept of a full-solution or a MVP. You can then develop the project with an external team or entrust it to us!

Our workshops are tailored precisely to your business needs and can be held on-site or remotely.


At this stage we evaluate the project, specify the concept and business objectives, and identify the target audience of your application.


Then, we perform domain discovery, estimate budget, resources and opportunities, identify technology challenges and examine the high-level functional areas of the product.


At the end, we provide you with the roadmap and schedule, draft of a project tasks, documented summary of workshops, prioritized next steps,  and further recommendations.
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We solve complex technical problems for our clients.

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Cello testimonial
Robert Coletti, co-founder cello
Robert Coletti
Co-founder, cello

We were looking for flexibility and engineers that would be able to think through the problems and really come up with the best solution.

August 12, 2023
Emily Chambers
Emily Chambers

Our previous native app had bugs due to the development we’d done on the website, and Brainhub resolved all of those issues.

The team has been great at achieving our goals; thanks to them, we have a well-performing mobile app.

September 9, 2022
Juliana Alonso
Juliana Alonso
Producer, Star Stable

Probably any company would benefit from working with Brainhub, but if you have more complex issues like dealing with technical debt or have some big challenges you want to tackle but don’t really know how, I would definitely think of Brainhub for that.

October 12, 2023
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Cello testimonial
Grzegorz Lachowski
head of ANALYSIS, Brainhub
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Ben Dryl
head of engineering