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Matt Warcholinski

Co-founder of Brainhub, Matt describes himself as a “serial entrepreneur”. Throughout his career, Matt has developed several startups in Germany, wearing many hats- from a marketer to an IT Engineer and customer support specialist. As a host of the Better Tech Leadership podcast, Matt talks about growing successful businesses and the challenges of being a startup founder and investor.

Khaled Souf
Fractional CTO

Khaled Souf is a software crafter, fractional CTO, and tech advisor with over 15 years of experience. He specializes in technology strategy, product development, and technical leadership for startups and SMEs. Khaled excels at uniting teams around a shared vision and making business logic visible in code. His extensive career includes roles at 56K.Cloud, Socradev Sàrl, Kry, and Sunday, where he has trained and coached teams on best practices in software development and DevOps.

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