It’s a key to build next Unicorn


When it comes to digital product development there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why we start by delving into your idea and finding the right strategy to fit your business model. We help you identify the key elements of successful digital product: the problem you’re going to address, the solution you offer and who your audience is. Through market research and competitor analysis, we find out what users really want so we can focus on a strategy that works specifically for you.

Delightful User Interface and User Experience


Creating digital products is the art and science of seamlessly combining compelling design with fluid functionality. We’re always after new, innovative solutions that will delight your audience, but we don’t forget to do our reality check.

Fast, Robust and Scalable Backend is a must-have


Every element of our product is built with purpose. Our teams work in two-week-long build sprints that deliver small pieces of software in every iteration. As true geeks and perfectionists, we care about the highest quality of code and implementing the most suitable technologies into your application. We use cutting-edge technologies to create secure, reliable and highly scalable apps ready to grow with your business.

Passionate about Technology

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Pillars of Successful Digital Product Development


We don’t believe in detailed planning of the entire project upfront. We focus on short-term goals, deliver fast and test early to make sure any mistakes are caught early in the development process.

It’s natural for digital products to evolve with time, so instead of sticking to our initial assumptions we constantly observe the market change and stay in touch with user expectations. By re-evaluating the direction of the project every two weeks, we give ourselves time and flexibility to steer in a new direction if needed and greatly reduce development cost while maintaining crucial market relevance.

You can find out more about our process in the product sprint section.

Transparency & Communication

Collaborative development process requires transparency and great communication. We use simple and clean project management tools such as, JIRA and Asana to track our progress and keep everyone in the loop. That way all team members stay up-to-date and focused on the same goals. Every day we update the project’s status to you with the number of hours spent on development – You are always on track!


From the initial stage of strategy planning all the way through design, development and testing, it’s all hands on deck. We work in Scrum: our two-week-long build sprints start by getting everyone aligned on the goals and we hold daily stand-up meetings throughout the project to keep everyone up to speed. And trust us, when our team gets things done, they’re done. We have our own definition of done.

Quality Control

Testing is always integrated throughout the project lifecycle: we build, test, draw conclusions and improve. We believe that implementing the Minimum Viable Product concept is the best way to stay on top of the market. Instead of spending months making costly and time-consuming products based on guesswork, we keep it simple, prototype early and test on the market. Quality Assurance, TDD (test-driven development), automated tests, peer code review and usability testing are crucial parts of the development process.

User-centric design

We want to make reliable back-end to sustain your business growth and beautiful, functional front-end to delight your customers. On every team there’s an UI/UX Designer making sure our products have high usability and provide a pleasurable experience for your audience. We don’t just do the guesswork; we test our software with potential customers early on and tweak based on their feedback.


To launch your product skyward you need a firm foundation in technology. Our core-competence is JavaScript, especially Node.js Development, a runtime environment which helps us build highly scalable apps that execute operations with lightning speed. For elegant front-end we use React.js and AngularJS Framework to prototype and rapidly improve. MongoDB is our database of choice, because it’s easier to maintain and weighs much less than relational databases. Thinking about a desktop application? Electron is the right choice.