Better Tech Leadership

The road to becoming a great tech leader can be a bumpy one. "Better Tech Leadership" is a podcast where we share a drink with leaders that build the world’s greatest teams and products. Giving you the playbook for growing a successful tech business as a founder, manager or investor.
Brainhub podcast


As leaders, we want to be inspired by other leaders. The founders of Brainhub bring the "Better Tech Leadership" podcast to life.
Leszek Knoll
Co-founder of Brainhub and head of the company. Leszek is a business-oriented economic, passionate about entrepreneurship and software development.
Matt Warcholiński
Co-founder of Brainhub and Chief Operations Officer. Matt is responsible for the company's growth and his passion is building innovative businesses with a global reach.


Shifting Leadership: How to grow and nurture the product team of your dreams?

Leszek Knoll and Shadi Nemer (Head of Product, Mitai) discuss challenges and ways of growing and nurturing product teams while sipping coffee at a Berlin cafe.

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MedTech: Redefining tech leadership

Tune in to Leszek Knoll and Jack Godau (Doctorly) as they meet in Berlin for a beer and bounce ideas about the MedTech industry in Germany and challenges of leading a growing business.

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