UX Audit unlocks a data-driven roadmap for B2B business growth

Stratcom had clear expectations: higher page rankings in search engines, an increase in user conversion rate and more chances to attract customers.



B2B strategy consulting company


Evaluating and improving the user experience by identifying usability issues and recommending design enhancements.

scope of work

UX Audit






UX Designer

  • Understanding the market and end users' needs

  • Understanding client needs, services and brand

  • Workshops

  • UX audit using Nielsen's Heuristics

  • Detailed report with actionable solutions

  • Comprehensive list of website issues - each with a description of its impact on the user experience

  • Proposed improvements for each issue found

  • A set of suggested solutions aimed at generating leads


Improving website User Experience to generate more leads for B2B business

For a strategic consulting firm, a website is a business card and a major source of leads. 

Stratcom's leadership was aware that their old website was holding back their business. Its structure was confusing which caused difficulties in reaching potential customers with the information they needed

To deal with these problems, they designed a new website. But to make sure it would serve its purposes well, the company decided to have a UX audit.

Stratcom representatives had clear expectations from the new site:

  1. higher page rankings in search engines

  2. an increase in website conversion

  3. more chances to attract customers

A UX audit had to verify the website’s functionality before implementation.


Understanding the market and potential customers is the key to success

The customer's input is crucial in conducting a UX audit, as they best know the end user of the product. Therefore, a comprehensive workshop with the client was the most effective way to start the process. 

The team analyzed the website and its users with the client’s priceless input. The team defined:

  • the challenges of the current website

  • the buyer persona of the company that was to be the end user of the site

  • benchmarks and best practices of competitors

During the workshop, the team was also able to take a closer look at the client’s business to:

  1. get to know Stratcom's business goals and needs,
  2. learn who their clients are and their needs,

Finally, the team found potential new website improvements & business value opportunities through a usability audit.

The workshop created a solid ground for a UX audit.


Nielsen’s Heuristic as a tool for successful UX Audit

After the workshop, there was enough data gathered to start the analysis. We went through all the information Stratcom provided to understand their business objectives, their users' needs and motivation to look through those lenses on their website.

After that, our UX designer could start digging into a website prototype prepared by Stratcom.

A designer performed a Heuristic Usability Evaluation, analyzing the website's:

  • Language

  • Priority

  • Universality

  • Visual Clarity

Everything that can be seen and experienced on the website was evaluated across these five general categories. We finished a project by preparing the report with findings and recommendations.

What we’ve accomplished

Why is a particular issue so important?

The result of the project was a roadmap for website improvements. Stratcom received a 100-page report, which listed the issues along with explanations of why each particular issue is important and proposals for fixing them.

The report included:

  • the list of usability issues that were identified,
  • explanations of how these challenges impact current website performance,
  • specific suggestions for A/B testing,
  • estimations of their impact in terms of business objectives.


Olivia Watson - Marketing Manager at Stratcom:

Brainhub’s heuristic evaluation of our website was incredibly helpful in bringing a new, fresh perspective to the site.
The audit showed us not only where improvements could be made but also how they could be made and why they would be beneficial to the user experience of the website.
Their attention to detail and industry expertise have provided us with the knowledge and strategies to enhance our site’s usability, conversion, and user satisfaction.

Jerome Cheung - Director of Mobile and Digital Solutions at Stratcom:

Brainhub’s flexibility makes them easy to work with and their use of innovative methods, such as Miro boards, makes collaboration and data collection effective and efficient.
With their comprehensive approach to auditing, we gained valuable insights that we are now able to implement to improve the user experience on our site.

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