High-performing engineering team, on board in 10 days.

Enjoy the speed and flexibility of scaling your software development team up and down with the top 1.36% talent skilled in React, Node.js, .NET and AWS. 

Brainhub high performing teams of software engineers
Brainhub is a software engineering agency trusted by 70+ US & European startups & enterprises.

The Business of Fashion hired Brainhub to rebuild their mobile app with top-class performance and 99.9% crash-free rate. (source)

Collegial extended their in-house team to speed up product development and saw a significant impact as early as two weeks in. (source)

A stealth-mode B2B SaaS company fully outsourced their development to Brainhub to finalize a funding round at $12 million valuation. (source)

Relayr needed “the best people on board with the shortest time” and decided Brainhub was the best partner to cover all roles within one team. (source)

Enzo Martin
Enzo Martin
Technical Director at Paradox Interactive
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We work with a lot of vendors, and Brainhub is, by far, the one we’ve had the fewest problems with during the course of our business.  (source)

Tech stack that serves you well today
and when you grow 10x in the next 24 months.

Get an unbiased perspective on the best frameworks and tools for your project. With 70+ completed projects, we’ve seen enough to save you from trouble.
Markus Sonoma
Marcus Sonoma
Founder at Verb
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You're gonna save yourself problems and money in the long term with software done correctly. (source)

Make speed your unfair advantage with software engineering experts.

In 2023, speed and flexibility matters more than ever.

At Brainhub, our goal is to get you the best team of engineers in the shortest time so we can all focus on getting the job done.

But we don't stop there – for every project, we rigorously follow and regularly review three lean software development principles to make sure we deliver value fast and continuously.

Drop us a message to learn more about what difference it will make for your project.

Faster time to market

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No-silos communication

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Doing the right things

Radical project transparency

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Proven track-record in complex environments
with ambitious roadmaps.

Since 2015, we’ve helped 70+ fast-growing companies in over 20 different industries build web, mobile and desktop apps that make an impact.

Tech leaders from leading companies have trusted Brainhub to build impactful software.

Companies from fintech, healthcare, education, game dev, IoT and martech work with us to grow their business through great software.

The people from Brainhub are highly-skilled in React and Node.js and they work hard to achieve our goals.

Wes Reid
Head of Product & Technology of Dealer Market Exchange

Brainhub have been working without needing a lot of assistance, and only asking the right questions.

Claus Stilbord
Omnicar A/S

It’s critical that Brainhub understands the context of the project and is treated as part of the team.

Enzo Martin
Technical Director at Paradox Interactive

They’re technical experts who aren’t afraid to speak up when they think something isn’t working.

Marcus Taylor
CEO & Founder of Venture Harbour

I’ve been working on Scribi for 3 years - in two and a half hours they helped me refine my project even more.

Brian Palmer
CEO & Founder at Scribi Writer’s Studio

They have excellent React.js knowledge.

Deb Gangopadhyay
CTO of Beam