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We help digital-first companies move fast with software and set them up for long-term growth.

Not your regular software development company. Nice to meet you.

Our people (mid&senior fullstack developers, UI/UX designers, QAs and BAs) join your people and work together to speed up, bulletproof and transform your digital product development process.

At every stage, we focus on delivering real business value that lives long after our direct involvement ends.

We call it digital acceleration.

It has worked well for 60+ tech businesses across different industries There's a fair chance it will work well for you.

Only the best technology.
People seem to like what we do.
We’re proud to have worked on amazing apps.
Behind every great app is a great team.
Powerful ownership
We don’t blindly follow the requirements. From top to bottom, we have a direct impact on the project’s direction.
Consultancy attitude
We are engaged in the full business process. Our goal is to solve real problems through excellent communication.
We build adaptable digital products, not raw features. Our focus is on making your business succeed in the long term.
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