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Scale your team up and down with the top 1.36% talent skilled in React, Node.js, .NET and AWS. Onboarding within 10 days guaranteed.
Brainhub is a software engineering agency trusted by 80+ US & European startups, scale-ups & enterprises.
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“A pain-free alternative to hiring engineers in-house.”
Focus solely on your product vision while we provide you with a dedicated team of A-player engineers ready to build, modernize and scale your software.
How team augmentation got an ambitious fintech startup off the ground

How team augmentation got an ambitious fintech startup off the ground

Here's how GOKONG overcame the challenge to build a scalable architecture to aggregate and process lots of data from many sources in a short time and fulfill the ambition of providing a personal finance management solution, that become the industry's new golden standard.
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A scalable mobile app for a $6.4M startup

A scalable mobile app for a $6.4M startup

The story of a Sequoia Capital-backed startup that became the largest micromobility player in Asia-Pacific after building an e-scooter sharing app that supports >10k users daily.
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Top class team extension for 400+ company

Top class team extension for 400+ company

The story of a renowned gaming studio that refreshed its PC game launcher and amazed their 15+ million fans with improved user experience.
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How National Geographic improved their application’s time-to-market by 450%

How National Geographic improved their application’s time-to-market by 450%

This was the first time we had used lean startup metodology with a corporation as large as this one.
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We wish we could show you all the work we've done.
Unfortunately, we're often bound by the non-disclosure agreements.
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We aim for the first pull request to happen in 10 days from today.

The goal is to get you the best team of engineers in the shortest time and start delivering real business value.
Day 1

Tell us about your project, needs and constraints

This usually happens in a form of docs exchange and a video call. We sign NDA if you require one.
Day 4

We analyse the requirements and architect a roadmap

Current state of your application, available materials, business objectives and deadlines are taken into account.
Day 6

You get a detailed proposal with our technical assessment

12-20 pages with thought-out insights from our experts along with the business terms. A huge value even if you decide to go the other way.
Day 10

Project kickoff & onboarding

After a contract fast-track process, we're ready to go. In most cases, you can expect a pull request within the first 24 hours of cooperation.
Aviv Abecasis
Co-founder, rulrr

They want to fully understand the project; they take the time to learn the purpose of every feature so that they can do the best job. I think that’s unique.

March 21, 2023
Robert Coletti
Co-founder, cello

We were looking for flexibility and engineers that would be able to think through the problems and really come up with the best solution.

August 12, 2023
Emily Chambers
Senior PM, Business of fashion

I’m impressed with their quality of work and ability to meet deadlines. They’re organized and super collaborative, which enables them to achieve our timelines.

September 9, 2022
Jay West
CEO, Spider.com

We appreciate their knowledge, engagement, and dedication. They deliver high quality, are open to feedback and collaboration.

July 7, 2023
Ronald Bernette
Founder, Collegial

Brainhub brings a lot to the table. They provide quality of work and interest in what they do. What’s more, they’re nice people who are fun to work with. We enjoy having them on the team.

July 7, 2023
Enzo Martin
Enzo Martin
Technical Director, Paradox Interactive

It’s critical that Brainhub understands the context of the project and is treated as part of the team. Our internal team and the Brainhub staff work as one.

January 12, 2023
Benedict Dryl
head of engineering
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Tell us about your project

Hit us with your current challenges. We’ll listen, ask questions and then provide you with a set of recommended solutions.
Ben Dryl
head of engineering
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