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Why React JS Is a Good Choice for Enterprise Organizations

Web app developers and mobile app developers are keenly aware of the popularity of React JS as well as its numerous merits. In fact, the latest Stack Overflow Developer Survey found that developers downright love it, and most of them want to work with it if they do not already.

However, embracing any new development tool is rarely ever something that developers decide on their own. More often than not, it’s largely a business decision made by non-developers who are typically concerned with business justification—not technical details and hype. In this article, we explain why React JS is a good choice for enterprise organizations so that all stakeholders can see that it is more than just the shiniest new thing out there.

Why React JS and not something else?

Originally created by Jordan Walke, a software engineer at Facebook, React JS, also known simply as React, is an open-source JavaScript library for building user interfaces, allowing developers to design simple views for each application state and have React JS efficiently update and render just the right components when data changes.

There are several other similar tools, such as Backbone, Angular, or Ember, but none of them stand on the shoulders of as many Fortune 500 companies as React JS. From Facebook and Instagram to Netflix and Dailymotion to The New York Times and CNN to Reddit and Twitter to Uber and Lyft—the list seems to never end. Indeed and Siftery, which help businesses better discover, buy, and manage software, track over 2,000 high-profile businesses that use React JS to help them achieve their business goals.

To understand why React JS has become so popular among enterprise organizations, we need to take a closer look at the numerous business benefits it offers.

Reasons why enterprise organizations love React JS

Each enterprise organization is different and has different needs and reasons to love React JS. However, we’ve managed to identify several business benefits of React JS that span across organizations and their cultures.

Top 4 reasons why React JS is the enterprise's best friend.

Development speed

In today’s world, those who come first are served first. Enterprise organizations are always on the lookout for technologies that help them complete projects within budget and on time. React JS embraces reusable components to make it easier for developers to develop and maintain applications and achieve a consistent look and feel across the whole project.

Best of all, React JS can power mobile apps using React Native, an open-source mobile application framework used to develop applications for Android, iOS, and UWP by enabling developers to use React along with native platform capabilities. The importance of having a strong mobile presence can’t be stressed enough and being able to make a mobile and web application simultaneously is a massive competitive advantage.


Enterprise organizations naturally don’t want to adopt a technology that may or may not become completely obsolete just a few years down the road. The unfortunate reality is, however, that libraries and frameworks fall out of fashion all the time. Considering that React JS is backed by Facebook, as well as countless enterprise contributors from around the world, the chance of it becoming obsolete in the near future is fairly slim.

So far, React JS has remained stable even in the face of rising competition, such as Vue.js, quickly introducing new functionality and overcoming its shortcomings to remain the most attractive JavaScript library for building user interfaces.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) remains as important as ever, and all enterprise organizations that have developed a web application from scratch know how critical for its success it is to rank on the first page of major search engines. React JS can render on the server using Node, which means that search engine crawlers get to see the web application in its final form, making it much easier for them to index it properly.

While there are certain techniques on how to achieve similar results with technologies that don’t natively support server-side rendering, they heavily rely on unstable and unsupported hacks, making it unsuitable for mission-critical applications. React JS, on the other hand, has been battle-tested by some of the largest enterprise organizations in the world, and it has become known for its quality and reliability.

Access to developers

We’ve already established that developers love using React JS because it’s extremely easy to start with and is intended to be used in tandem with other libraries, among other things. No wonder then that talented React JS developers are relatively easy to find despite the growing demand for them.

A developer who has already mastered JavaScript, HTML, and CSS should be able to learn React JS reasonably well in just a couple of weeks. Additionally, more and more software development agencies are starting to specialize in React JS to meet the growing demand for professional React JS software development services.


There are many reasons why React JS is a good choice for enterprise organizations. From the speed and ease with which it allows developers to develop and maintain applications to its stability and SEO-friendly nature to excellent availability of React JS developers. Many Fortune 500 enterprise organizations have already turned this popular JavaScript library into a competitive advantage, and many more will surely join them in the near future.