Marketing automation mobile app

How Rulrr supports local businesses with marketing automation mobile app

The story of a marketing automation application that helps local businesses achieve enterprise-class growth by accessing highly targeted audiences



  • Launch of a marketing automation mobile app

  • Simplified user interface and interaction

  • Integration with major social media platform

  • Support local businesses to reach new customers and grow








MOBILE APP available to external clients and for internal company needs.

Rulrr is a marketing automation mobile app that supports the growth of small and medium-sized businesses. By integrating with the largest social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, the company allows its clients to create targeted digital ads for new and returning customers. Rulrr users get access to an advanced AI-driven tool and a multi-million record base of marketing prospects. This solution supports the growth and development of local businesses, giving them enterprise-class sales potential. 

The company mainly operates in the US, European, and Middle East markets.

Rulrr effectiveness


Rulrr approached us with a project to migrate and rebuild their legacy marketing automation solution. They needed to improve flow and user experience, accelerate the expansion of their target audience base, and design a mobile app to make their services even more accessible to users.

Our cooperation results in a cloud-based mobile application built on AWS, integrated with the most important social media platforms and points-of-sales, and supporting a more than one billion records database.

I think that the values of Brainhub are innovation, quality, and professionalism. I truly appreciate our team because it’s very involved with the business aspect. They're giving us points of view that we haven’t seen before. This is a huge part of creating a great product.

Aviv Abecasis
CEO of Rulrr


Development of local businesses

Recent years, including the pandemic crisis, have revolutionized the goods and services sector, blurring the line between offline and online marketing. In today's business landscape, even small and medium-sized companies operating locally must implement digital solutions to stay ahead in a competitive market. Unfortunately, many of them don't have the human resources or modern tools to make their campaigns competitive with large companies and multi-million dollar budgets. 

The Rulrr app supports local businesses, such as stores and restaurants, by allowing them to target digital ads precisely to local customers. Moreover, it helps its users to optimize their advertising budget as the Customer Acquisition Cost at Rulrr averages $20.

Enlarging the database

One of the biggest challenges in scaling local businesses is growing the customer base. In a way, the Rulrr app works like a community – each additional user contributes more customers to the database, so the pool of advertising prospects keeps growing. In this way, Rulrr's clients can reach out not only to their current clients but also to anyone in the region who might be interested in their services. Currently, Rulrr's database counts 20M marketing targets. 

Digitization and simplification of processes

The Rulrr app makes high-impact digital marketing accessible and easy for businesses of all sizes. By redesigning the Rulrr tool as a mobile app, we simplified the flow and user interface as much as possible. It only takes five simple steps to start using the tool.

Step 1: Create an account with Rulrr

Step 2: Link the app to your Facebook account and credit card

Step 3: Create a campaign

Step 4: Set up campaign details like content, target audience, and budget.

Step 5: Launch the campaign

In addition to advertising capabilities, Rulrr gives its clients access to detailed analytics so brands can monitor campaign effectiveness and improve marketing strategies.

Remarketing and loyalty building

Digital marketing is heavily focused on acquiring new customers. Meanwhile, according to studies, acquiring a new customer can cost 5x more than retaining an existing one. Moreover, the success rate of selling to an existing customer is 60-70%, while the success rate of selling to a new customer is 5-20%. These figures show the importance of investing in remarketing and building the loyalty of customers who already have a relationship with the brand. This approach is another foundation of Rulrr's effectiveness. The app allows brands to collect data on past customers and display ads to them even months after making a purchase. This way, companies can retain customers who would otherwise forget about it.

Rulrr - the problem-solving app

The digital marketing solutions market is seeing a massive shortage of modern technologies aimed at local businesses. Most tools are created for large players with dedicated marketing teams or agency support. 

Our application for Rulrr addresses this problem, giving small and medium-sized businesses enterprise-class advertising potential. The accessible but powerful tool allows local brands to create digital social media campaigns and take advantage of a constantly growing customer base.