The client had been working on Scribi for 3 years. Brainhub joined in and helped refine the project in just 2.5 hours.

The client is an entrepreneur looking to start a crowdfunded platform for writers. The platform will help writers conduct their work more efficiently by offering them ways to structure their content, share their work with early readers and editors, and keep track of characters, locations in the stories, and more.

The main goal was to gather information and give a ballpark estimate for the first phases

Since the client planned to use crowdfunding, there had to be clear expectations on how much needed to be raised. What’s more, there were different tiers of features that were going to be added based on the amount raised.

We used tools and methods to help the client find a cohesive vision and make better estimates

We decided to use a Product Vision Board to understand who the users were, their needs and solutions to those needs. This allowed us to better understand the product and propose how the solutions could be implemented to fit the budget. Not only that, we used a SWOT Analysis to assess the product and evaluate which features were crucial. Finally, we used User Story Mapping to group features into user tasks and activities, and describe some of the more complex tasks in more detailed way. We split them into those that were planned for the MVP phase and estimated them that way.

As a result, Scribi Writer’s Studio has become much more focused

Overall, we were able to provide the client with estimates of how much certain features would cost, which was used to create a goal for the crowdfunding campaign. Additionally, we demonstrated to the client how Agile software development looks, and provided the client with some suggestions & promo materials for the crowdfunding campaign.

Thanks to the workshop, it was feasible to run a thoughtful crowdfunding campaign

After this project has been completed, Brainhub will continue cooperation with Scribi. This is the beginning of a long-term design and development process, the final result of which will be a scalable platform for writers.