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The 30 Most Popular Node.js Development Blog Posts of 2017

It’s already January 2018 so it’s a perfect time to sum up 2017 software development trends. Last year we published “The 30 Most Popular Node.js Development Blog Posts Of 2016” and “The Top 20 Electron Development Blog Posts of 2016”, this year we want to go step further. This month you’ll see 3 separate posts focused on 3 topics – Node.js, React, and finally the whole JavaScript. Let’s go!


As you can see on the graph Node.js doesn’t stop to gain its worldwide popularity. At Brainhub we’re not surprised at all, we truly love and believe in this technology. Let us see what were the most popular Node.js articles of the past year (list based on a number of shares).

The 30 most popular Node.js development blog posts of 2017

#1.  NodeJS – Getting Started With Some Basic Functions

#2.  JavaScript Is Eating The World

#3.  Ruby or NodeJS? The big question

#4.  Building A Simple AI Chatbot With Web Speech API And Node.js

#5.  10 Tips to Become a Better Node Developer in 2017

#6.  10 Best Practices for Writing Node.js REST APIs

#7.  Mikeal Rogers: Node.js Will Overtake Java Within a Year

#8.  Before you bury yourself in packages, learn the Node.js runtime itself

#9.  10 Node.js Best Practices: Enlightenment from the Node Gurus

#10.  5 Best Video Tutorials for learning NodeJs (article no longer available online)

#11.  How To Develop An Interactive Command Line Application Using Node.js

#12.  Ground Control to Major Tom: How NASA Uses Node.js

#13.  Upgrading from Node 6 to Node 8: a real-world performance comparison

#14.  Hard-won lessons: Five years with Node.js

#15.  This is what Node.js is used for in 2017 – Survey Results

#16.  Node.js vs. Java: An epic battle for developer mind share

#17.  Mastering Async Await in Node.js

#18.  Node.js Will Overtake Java Within a Year: Analysis (article no longer available online)

#19.  Habits of a Happy Node Hacker 2017

#20.  10 JavaScript concepts every Node.js programmer must master

#21.  Node.js Streams: Everything you need to know

#22.  Node 8: Five New Features You Need to Know

#23.  Get Ready: A New V8 is Coming, Node.js Performance is Changing

#24.  How to Build and Structure a Node.js MVC Application

#25.  Introducing Fastify, a Speedy Node.js Web Framework

#26.  A crash course on Serverless with Node.js

#27.  Building a Microblog Using Node.js, Git and Markdown

#28.  Node by Numbers 2017

#29.  Node.js + MySQL Example: Handling 100’s of GigaBytes of Data

#30.  Scaling Node.js Applications

Final word

That’s all on the topic folks. Don’t forget to keep your eye on the next post in the series – “The 30 Most Popular React Development Blog Posts of 2017”.