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10 Best Node JS Newsletters [2024]

Last updated on
February 22, 2024


10 best Node JS newsletters:

  1. Node Weekly
  2. JavaScript Weekly
  3. JSter
  4. FrontEnd Focus
  5. JavaScript Kicks
  6. Awesome JavaScript Weekly
  7. WebTools Weekly
  8. Mobile Dev Weekly
  9. Gamedev.js Weekly
  10. Pony Foo Weekly

Details and subscription links below.


10 Best Node JS Newsletters [2024]


Technology progresses at such breakneck pace that keeping up with it requires dedicated and ongoing effort. Just because you know the ins and outs of Node JS development doesn’t mean that your current skill set will allow you to work on interesting projects a few years down the road. That’s how quickly things change in software development.

The good news is that keeping up to date about important topics related to the world of Node JS and JavaScript isn’t difficult because there are many Node JS newsletters that you can subscribe to and receive curated emails with the most important and interesting Node JS-related news on a regular basis.

To get you started, we’ve put together this list of the top 10 best Node JS newsletters that you need to know about. Even though each Node JS newsletter on this list deserves your attention, you shouldn’t feel obliged to subscribe to all of them. Instead, we recommend you pick just a few you like the most and try them for a while.

1. Node Weekly

Also created by Peter Cooper, the person responsible for JavaScript Weekly, Node Weekly is a free email roundup of Node JS news and articles that’s circulated—you’ve guessed it—once a week. Since it’s much narrower in scope than JavaScript Weekly, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it has “only” 44,000 subscribers. While there’s some overlap between Node Weekly and JavaScript Weekly, it’s not so big that we wouldn’t recommend subscribing to both of these Node JS newsletters.

2. JavaScript Weekly

JavaScript Weekly is one of the best Node JS newsletters.

If your inbox is already overflowing and you don’t want to make the mess worse by subscribing to multiple different newsletters, we highly recommend you subscribe only to JavaScript Weekly, the largest JavaScript-related newsletter in the world. At the time of writing this article, JavaScript Weekly has over 160,000 subscribers, who enjoy its weekly roundup of JavaScript news and articles.

<blockquote><p>“We get quite a lot of direct submissions and, occasionally, people offering us exclusives, so we try to keep a good mix of stuff that isn’t necessarily anywhere else,”– says Peter Cooper, the creator of JavaScript Weekly. </p></blockquote>

Of course, Node JS is frequently mentioned, and the same is true for JavaScript frameworks like React JS or Angular.

3. JSter

JSter is mainly a catalog of frontend JavaScript libraries, but it’s also a by-weekly JavaScript newsletter with curated links to news and articles JavaScript developers are guaranteed to find interesting. JSter started out as a collaboration between Juho and the Codegyre development team, and it’s built on technology that was originally developed for Symfohub, a GitHub meshing project that collects all the symfony related repositories.

4. FrontEnd Focus

FrontEnd Focus is one of the best Node.js newsletters.

FrontEnd Focus is yet another email newsletter published by Cooperpress, a niche publisher founded by Peter Cooper that focuses on computer science and software development. It was previously known as HTML5 Weekly, but it was decided to change its name to FrontEnd Focus to reflect the fact that HTML5 became HTML. FrontEnd Focus covers the client-side of development, including JavaScript frameworks, CSS libraries, jQuery plugins, accessibility issues, performance optimization, and more. Even if front-end development isn’t your focus, you should still consider subscribing to this newsletter to broaden your horizons.

5. JavaScript kicks

Best node js newsletters - javascript kicks

One of the key features that makes JavaScript Kicks special is the curation of content. It sifts through a vast amount of information available online to bring the most relevant, informative, and valuable articles, tutorials, and news to its readers.

Unlike newsletters that might focus solely on tutorials or news, JavaScript Kicks offers a broad range of content from tutorials, guides, and tips, to interviews, opinions, and job listings. This diversity ensures that there’s something for everyone, regardless of their interest or skill level. Beyond just news and tutorials, it acts as a hub for resources like tool reviews, book recommendations, and curated lists of learning materials. This makes it an invaluable asset for continuous learning and professional development.

6. Awesome JavaScript Weekly

Best node js newsletters - awesome javascript weekly

The main focus of Awesome JavaScript Weekly is to introduce subscribers to a wide array of JavaScript libraries and tools that can help them in their development projects. This includes everything from UI frameworks, testing libraries, to Node.js utilities, and more.

Considering the vastness of the JavaScript ecosystem, the newsletter covers a broad spectrum, including front-end frameworks like React, Vue.js, and Angular, back-end technologies such as Node.js and Express, and even mobile and desktop app development frameworks like React Native and Electron.

7. WebTools Weekly

WebTools Weekly describes itself as a front-end development and web design newsletter with a focus on tools. Each issue of WebTools Weekly contains a weekly round-up of various apps, scripts, plugins, and other resources, as well as a brief tip or tutorial, to help front-end developers solve problems and build great websites. Over 11,000 people have subscribed to this newsletter so far, and their number is steadily increasing.

8. Mobile Dev Weekly

Mobile Dev Weekly is one of the best Node.js newsletters.

Published by Cooperpress and curated by Brian Rinaldi, community manager at Telerik and Boston resident, and Holly Schinsky, developer Advocate with the PhoneGap team at Adobe, Mobile Dev Weekly is a weekly round-up for web and app developers spanning the mobile-facing Web and native apps. Thanks to their in-depth knowledge of JavaScript, Node JS developers can easily build sophisticated mobile apps using React Native or Cordova, both of which are frequently featured in Mobile Dev Weekly.

9. Gamedev.js Weekly

There are many reasons to use Node JS in game development, including the number of free tools available, easy code sharing and reuse, or better efficiency and overall developer productivity, just to name a few. When combined with technologies like HTML5, WebGL, and various canvas libraries, including PlayCanvas and Origami.js, Node JS can be used to create even fairly sophisticated multiplayer games, such as those that are frequently featured in Gamedev.js Weekly.

10. Pony Foo Weekly Node JS Newsletter

Pony Foo Weekly is a popular newsletter that discusses interesting and trending topics related to web development. Pony Foo was founded in 2012 as an online blog featuring posts from its founder, Nicolás Bevacqua and contributing writers. The newsletter was launched four years after that, and its popularity has only been increasing since then.

Node JS resources and news

Signing up to Node JS newsletters is a great way to stay up to date with the dynamic JavaScript world. Plus, this article is a part of a whole guidebook. If you want to learn more about Node JS development, other chapters may also be interesting for you.

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