Choose Your Fighters: A Practical Guide to Composing and Leading Development Teams

Composing and Leading Development Teams

In this collection you'll learn

  • What are the elements of an effective team? 
  • What is the role of a game producer?
  • What elements to focus on in team communication?
  • What are the crucial skills for the game development leaders?
  • How to grow trust and motivation?
  • How to match agile methodologies to the needs?


The process of composing a development team can look like starting a fighting game where you choose characters to fight your battles.

Sometimes it also resembles an RPG session: forming an effective task force can be a collaborative effort, where each person’s individual skills complement each other.

No matter the approach you prefer, here’s our ever-growing collection of actionable tips for game producers who want to make sure they build and lead their teams the right way.

Who are we to talk about it?

Throughout the years, we’ve worked with game studios on several different projects. We helped Paradox Interactive improve their game launcher and built a CMS system for Jackbox Games, among others.

In this guide, we share some of our own project management expertise along with insights from people working for Paradox Interactive, EA, Wildlife Studios, Tactile Games & Rogue Snail, among others. Feel free to let us know if you found it useful.

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