5 Best Business Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

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5 Best Business Podcasts for Entrepreneurs


We’re serial startupers and we love to help our customers grow their businesses. So we decided to share some of our resources.

Here’s a list of top business podcasts to get inspired by. Whether you want to listen to successful entrepreneurs talking about their companies, take a shortcut to expert knowledge on economics or just stay on top of the financial market news, you’ll find just the right business shows here.

#1 Planet Money

Episode length: 15-25 minutes

Planet Money is an absolute classic among the best business podcasts. It was initially launched to cover the financial crisis of 2008 and it has since continued to deliver quality investigative reporting and in-depth analysis of the American and global economy.

It’s not a “let’s cover the major headlines from last week” kind of show. They really dive deep into the topics and help you understand processes that shape the market. Feels like a decent compensation for that business and finance class I never took at uni.

There’s so much good stuff to choose from I hardly know where to start, but the episode about fixing Brasil’s inflation was really enlightening. Also, gender and coding, making money in Hollywood and cheese conspiracy.

#2 StartUp Podcast

Episode length: 30-40 minutes

The best thing about this podcast is its unpretentiousness. People make mistakes. And entrepreneurs are likely to make the most mistakes of all of us because they take most risks. StartUp follows the paths of different businesses reporting both on their successes and their failures (many of those) with equal honesty. Instead of assuming an air of superiority, the producers let you draw your own conclusions.

This show definitely won’t give you the dos and don’ts of running your own company, but it’s crazy fun to listen to! And it will make you feel better about feeling overwhelmed at times. You’re not the only one.

It’s a serialized podcast. Like with many things in life, the best place to start is at the beginning.

#3 BBC Business Daily

Episode length: 17 minutes

BBC’s business podcast follows the same format as Planet Money. They’re both informative, well-researched and brilliantly edited but they represent different reporting styles. So if you want a British take on global economy or just need another good business news show to keep you up to date, you should give it a listen.

Check out what Cuba trades to get its oil, what a co-founder of Starbucks has to say about the brand and how the Russian economy looks like post-sanctions.

#4 Profit. Power. Pursuit.

Episode length: 40-50 minutes

If you like stuff that’s straight to the point, guest shows can be a bit frustrating. The beauty of many of them is the off-topic banter and jumping from an anecdote to an anecdote. But this business podcast is clearly targeted at business people so every minute of the show has a purpose.

The host, Tara Gentile, knows exactly what questions to ask to get the most out of the conversation. Entrepreneurs who come to her studio all have one thing in common: they found creative strategies of running their businesses that distinguish them from the competition and that they take pride in. And they’re happy to share their “secrets” with the listeners.

The idea of this business podcast is that you can take something away from any success story, regardless of your industry. Whether the guest is a textile designer, software developer, digital strategist or a professional tarot reader, you might find an inspiration for your own company.

#5 The EntreLeadership Podcast

Episode length: 40-50

If you’re a fan of business books, you’ve probably heard of Dave Ramsey, an author listed on New York Times Bestseller’s list several times. The EntreLeadership Podcast revolves around similar ideas as his coaching: he discusses business management practices critical to building and growing a successful company, and talks to guests about their leadership strategies. Every episode comes with a list of resources and is a great starting point for more research.

The episodes to check out should definitely include the one with Amanda Holmes, who unexpectedly had to step in as a CEO of her father’s business empire at age of 24. Spoiler: she totally killed it. Also, find out how to market without making everyone hate you. Or listen to an expert on creativity (yeah, it’s a thing) putting together a recipe for thinking more innovatively.

#6 Marketing Growth Podcast

Episode length: 15-30 minutes

As entrepreneurs, we continuously need to market our businesses – seek stories, strategies, and tactics to help our businesses stand out. However, when you listen to most podcasts on growth, you find the same basic cookie-cutter advice repeated across episodes.

But it’s different with the Marketing Growth Podcast. Guests on the show, who consist of renowned founders, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders, get into the nuts and bolts of growth marketing. They share their growth journeys, successes, failures, lessons learned, and practical tips for aspiring and current digital marketers.

The host, Shane Barker, ensures that you have up-to-date information on the best strategies to make your business thrive by the end of each episode.

Where should you start? Here are a couple of episodes we recommend: Digital Storytelling: How Does Erik Qualman Get It Right Every Time?; The Cheat Code to Rank #1 on Google with SEO Mozart – Rand Fishkin; and Planable’s Incredible Growth Story with Xenia Muntean.

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