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13 Blogs Every IT Leader Should Follow in 2024

Last updated on
January 11, 2024


Best IT blogs for CTOs - TOP 8

  1. ComputerWeekly
  2. ZDNet
  3. CIO
  4. CTO Craft
  5. Harvard Business Review
  6. MartinFowler.com
  7. Department of Product
  8. Krebs on Security

Discover more sources to stay up to date and learn how to be a better leader.


13 Blogs Every IT Leader Should Follow in 2024

IT blogs - your quick way to be up to date

Among the many qualities that define an IT leader a thirst for exploration occupies an important place.

Since there’s a wealth of tech blogs, including general and niche publications, blogs for CTO/CIOs, personal blogs, communities, we’ve decided to select top ones we deem useful for any IT leader.

If you want to avoid clickbait articles, and get real updates, insights and info about current IT trends, here are some of the top tech blogs.

Best tech blogs

  1. Mashable
  2. ComputerWeekly
  3. InfoWorld
  4. ZDNet
  5. Slashdot
  6. TechCrunch

Mashable - top news in tech industry

As for the communicative and social side of IT leaders, the ever-entertaining Mashable constantly and fiercely highlights everything tech-related from social media, news, TV and culture. It proves that business and technology are “mashable” with social networking and fun human nature pieces.

What you can take from this “voice of digital culture” is people’s view on how technology is influencing our lives, and thus a better understanding of user needs and user adoption of certain products. Mashable is also a source of humor, memes and relevant tech jokes, as well as cultural trends, non-profit activities, climate science, and much more.

To find if Mashable is for you, try starting with these posts:

ComputerWeekly - technology news website

Computer Weekly is one of the blogs every IT leader should follow.

One of the UK’s most popular IT online magazines, ComputerWeekly, offers news and analysis on key topics for tech professionals. Started back in 1996, today it is a publication with millions of readers visiting to get the latest tech trends, opinions of market leaders, or in-depth analysis and reviews on digital transformation, regulations like the upcoming GDPR, etc.

Their contributors cover for industries such as healthcare, business services, finances, public sector, manufacturing, retail, media, telecom, transportation. Topics range from data centers, enterprise software, IT management to automation, blockchain, mobile services, business intelligence software, etc. There’s also an editor’s blog.

Topics covered:

  • IT management
  • IT security
  • Digital trends
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Business news

To check if it's a good source for you, try starting with these informative posts:

InfoWorld - latest tech news

InfoWorld is one of the blogs every IT leader should follow.

InfoWorld, a part of the extensive IDG network, is there to bring “technology insight for the enterprise” on a daily basis. Everything across business technology, software, tech news, analytics tools, product reviews and white papers. Overall, it is a fine resource for IT heads to keep up-to-date with business operations and strategies.

And actually any kind of It expert, from a developer to a CTO, may find something useful for themselves. All the news is also categorized, so it’s possible to follow specific topics only, so as not to get too distracted. Besides tech news categories, there’s a blog section, insider articles (by actual CIOs, CSOs, CTOs), video reviews, etc.

Topics covered:

  • software development
  • cloud computing
  • machine learning
  • latest technology trends

Some of the handy materials on InfoWorld:

#4 ZDNet - latest technology news to follow

ZDNet is one of the blogs every IT leader should follow.

Founded in 1991, and now a part of CNET, ZDNet has been a number one go-to tech site for a generation of IT professionals. It reports primarily on “big guns” like Microsoft, Google, and Apple, but also offers tons of product reviews, news and analysis on all kinds of tech issues.

For IT decision makers, ZDNet is one of the mainstream tech blogs to follow, with daily coverage of trends, technologies, and relevant tips. As of lately, their stuff has started writing on innovative things like smart cities, Internet-of-Things (IoT), online security practices, blockchain, etc.

Interesting posts by ZDNet:

Slashdot - blog for tech enthusiasts

Slashdot is an interactive social news website. The website gathers

They promote their content as "News for Nerds" which talks a little about the topics you may find on the blog. Slashdot blog features news and stories on science, technology, and politics. Each piece of content is evaluated by editors. Under each post, there's a comment section eagerly used by the readers discussion is an important factor for members of the Slashdot community.

TechCrunch - tech trends and news for IT leaders

TechCrunch is one of the blogs every IT leader should follow.

No less than Mashable and no younger than ZDNet, TechCrunch stays at the top of tech media with its large team and partner sites. First, it has all the tech gossip, news, trends and reviews any IT professional needs. Secondly, it provides a variety of materials, analysis and event summaries for IT leadership.

There’s a section devoted to startups with funding and acquisition reports, government regulations, etc. TechCrunch also hosts regular events around the world that you can follow, or watch video reports from those events with worthy insights.

Also, the TC Enterprise is a popular source for tech leaders, covering strategic things like cloud computing, big data, AI and investments. To all that add CrunchBase, a vast database of startups, companies and investors, run by TechCrunch.

TC offers compelling content, for example:

Best IT management blogs - top blogs for tech leaders, CTOs, and CIOs

  1. CIO
  2. Forrester
  3. Gartner Technology Blogs
  4. Modern CTO
  5. CTO Vision
  6. CTO Academy
  7. Harvard Business Review
  8. High Scalability
  9. CIO Journal
  10. CTO Craft
  11. Martin Fowler
  12. Fast Company


CIO is one of the blogs every IT leader should follow.

Apart from the latest tech news, research, staffing, infrastructure, etc., CIO publishes lots of materials on business strategy, management, and all “big picture” things.

In the special “IT Leadership” section, their team covers topics like how business leaders may understand IT, effective digital transformation, recruitment advice, outsourcing trends, and also post video conversations with successful top managers.

Also, great attention is paid to legal issues for the IT world, compliances, regulations and how to deal with it. The menu on the top left will help navigate you through all content for developers, marketers, technical officers and CEOs.


Forrester is one of the blogs every IT leader should follow.

A research and analyst company Forrester works closely with technology leaders (IBM, Oracle, SAP, Google, Amazon, Tibco, HP, Sony) to deliver business strategies for top technical managers.

Besides public research materials, events, webinars and podcasts, their vast pool of contributors from all across the globe provide regular subject-matter analysis of multiple topics from a standpoint of IT leaders. These posts are aimed at assisting in building strategies, justifying risks and decisions, and improving business operations.

In fact, topics include areas like customer experience management, marketing/digital marketing, enterprise content management, mobile app development, etc. In addition, there’s a section for CIOs, with insights on this specific position, which could also be fit for VPs, CTOs and other IT leaders.

Gartner Technology Blogs

Gartner Technology Blogs are one of the blogs every IT leader should follow.

The leading business research company – Gartner – is a site many experts consider the #1 place for wise decision making. Every CEO/CTO/CIO/CMO and IT professional will find useful and rich info here from literally thousands of analysts (1,900 and counting).

Gartner, actually, has its own research organization working on agendas set annually and individually, focusing on exact client requests and applying proprietary methodologies like Knowledge Map (KMap, an IT taxonomy), Magic Qadrant, Vendor rating, etc.

The Gartner blog is a source of news, analysis, and information about the industry as well as technological trends and best practices. The blog discusses a wide range of subjects, such as cybersecurity, cloud computing, digital transformation, and IT strategy. The blog publishes articles by Gartner analysts as well as guest posts from professionals in the field. The blog's goal is to keep CIOs, CTOs, and other technology executives up to date on the most recent advancements in their industry so they can make more intelligent decisions regarding their technology expenditures.

Examples of research by Gartner:

Modern CTO - one of the top tech blogs for CTOS

Modern CTO is a website and community dedicated to providing tools and assistance to Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) and other technology leaders. They provide a variety of content on subjects like leadership, innovation, and technological trends, including articles, interviews, and podcasts. The website also offers a list of CTOs, a job board, and an events calendar for tech leaders. CTOs and other technology leaders can use the information to keep informed, network with others in the field, and advance their professional development. They also run a well-known podcast.

Examples of articles:

MartinFowler.com - the greatest tech blog on building software effectively

MartinFowler.com is a website created and maintained by Martin Fowler, a software development consultant and speaker. It's a resource for software developers and tech leaders interested in learning more about software development best practices and techniques.

As Martin Fowler claims, "Software needs to be able to react quickly to changes, allowing new features to be be conceived, developed and put into production rapidly." And you'll learn how to build effective software effectively by reading his blog.

Topics covered:

  • agile
  • software architecture
  • technologies and tools
  • productivity
  • continuous delivery

Examples of posts:

  1. Continuous Delivery Guide
  2. An Appropriate Use of Metrics

Fast Company

Fast Company is a business and technology website that covers a wide range of topics related to innovation, design, and leadership. It features in-depth articles, news, and analysis of technology, startups, and business trends, as well as profiles of successful companies and entrepreneurs.

  1. 17 CEOs reflect on the greatest hurdles they faced in 2022
  2. What do we want from the metaverse?
  3. The leader’s playbook for channeling fear into courage

Best product management blogs

  1. Bring the Donuts
  2. Department of Product
  3. Product Talk
  4. Roman Pilcher

Bring the Donuts

Bring the Donuts is a very practical blog about product management. The author - Ken Norton - is well-known in the product management community. The blog offers in-depth content, practical approach, and lots of useful links to deepen the understanding of each topic.

Topics covered:

  • productive meetings
  • setting goals
  • product vision and strategy
  • product culture

Examples of articles:

Department of Product

The Department of Product is an educational website for product managers, product teams, and technology professionals. The blog's goals is to help these professionals progress in their careers by acquiring new skills. This website provides information, a wealth of resources, and numerous viewpoints. It also discusses specialized subjects like agile and DevOps.

Topics covered:

  • product strategy
  • product roadmap
  • process
  • career development

Examples of articles:

Product Talk

The blog is written by various authors and focuses on leadership and decision-making. The blog's goal is to help leaders make better product decisions. Besides this type of content, the blog also covers topics like overcoming challenges in product growth or doing discovery well. The goal of the authors is to help leaders make better product decisions.

Topics covered:

  • leadership
  • decision-making skills
  • product growth
  • product strategy
  • continuous discovery
  • critical thinking

Examples of articles:

Roman Pichler

The blog includes articles, tools, podcast, and thorough how-to guides. If you're looking for in-depth materials about product management, guides on this blog are a great shot.

Covered topics:

  • scrum
  • product roadmaps
  • product strategy
  • UX
  • analytics
  • hiring

Examples of articles:

Personal, corporate IT blogs and communities

  1. David Storm's Web Informant
  2. Krebs on Security
  3. Cisco Blogs
  4. Reddit (subreddits)

David Strom’s Web Informant

Web Informant is one of the blogs every IT leader should follow.

David Strom is an acknowledged IT contributor for TechTarget, Network World, Security Intelligence, PC World, InfoWorld, with 25 years of experience in IT sphere. He is also a renowned columnist on topics of e-commerce, product marketing, web usability, enterprise computing, etc.

He’s kind of a cult figure among its followers who tend to call him Strominator, and on Web Informant he publishes his personal work. His opinions on current issues, e.g. personal data risks or FIDO, often become a basis for discussion among tech people.

Few of the thought-provoking posts on Strom’s blog:

Krebs on Security

Krebs on Security is one of the blogs every IT leader should follow.

A blog by Brian Krebs, an investigative reporter for The Washington Post for 2 decades, is highly regarded and followed by many experts and readers. As the title suggests, his posts concern the issue of information security, which is especially critical in our day and age.

Brian’s initial drive for such matters came after he was hacked in 2001, and so he decided to investigate as much as possible about Internet security and share it with others. He also wrote a whole book (“Spam Nation: The inside story of organized cybercrime”) warning and educating on personal finance fraud schemes. Along with regular posts on the latest software updates and security threats, the author offers white papers and cheat sheets to use.

A few popular posts on Krebs On Security:

Cisco Blogs

Cisco Blogs are one of the blogs every IT leader should follow.

Following IT organizations and corporate blogs might be useful as well, in terms of innovation, new products and/or technologies, and issues they face.

Take Cisco for example – a global leader in networking and connectivity, offering insights on solutions for financial services, retail, manufacturing, energy sector, government, etc. They keep their focus on issues of automation, cloud computing, security and small business services.

Cisco offers information any IT head should be aware of, for example:

Reddit (subreddits)

Subreddits are one of the blogs every IT leader should follow.

Although not so welcoming in terms of usability, Reddit has become one of the most popular comment boards for millions of people and the same goes for IT. There are several subreddits you can follow to read sincere, uncensored opinions and concerns of developers, job seekers and moderators.

Often people seek advice on technologies or business decisions, and get advice from top IT professionals. Subreddits like Information Technology, Networking, Sysadmin could be particularly useful.

Some of the popular threads on Reddit:

IT blogs about technology, science, and consumer electronics

  1. Gizmodo
  2. Weired
  3. VentureBeat


Gizmodo is a technology and consumer electronics website that covers a wide range of topics related to technology and the digital world. It is known for its in-depth articles, news, and analysis of technology trends, as well as for its reviews of consumer electronics and gadgets.

Topics covered:

  • technology news
  • consumer electronics
  • science and space
  • gaming
  • culture trends

Gizmodo is known for its in-depth coverage of technology and consumer electronics, and for its strong focus on analysis and commentary. It is a popular destination for tech enthusiasts and professionals looking to stay up to date on the latest trends and developments in the tech industry.

Examples of articles:

  1. The 10 Worst New Places You're Going to See Ads in 2023
  2. The Biggest Medical Breakthroughs of 2022
  3. The Best and Worst Nerdy News of 2022


The Gartner blog is a source of news, analysis, and information about the industry as well as technological trends and best practices. The blog discusses a wide range of subjects, such as cybersecurity, cloud computing, digital transformation, and IT strategy. The blog publishes articles by Gartner analysts as well as guest posts from professionals in the field. The blog's goal is to keep CIOs, CTOs, and other technology executives up to date on the most recent advancements in their industry so they can make more intelligent decisions regarding their technology expenditures.

Examples of articles:


A technology news website called VentureBeat covers a wide range of subjects pertaining to innovation and entrepreneurship. The website offers news, analysis, and viewpoints on startups, venture capital, and technological trends. The blog publishes articles written by VentureBeat's editorial staff as well as guest posts from business analysts and experts. The blog's goal is to keep business leaders, investors, and entrepreneurs up to date on the most recent innovations in startups and technology. In addition to giving research on trends and tactics for startups and emerging technologies, it covers the most recent fundraising agreements, mergers and acquisitions, and significant corporate activities in the ecosystem of technology companies.

Examples of articles:

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